Pharmacology Paper Examples

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

Design and Methods Used In the Study A study by Aversa et al. to establish the effects of the drug vardenafil on obese men with sexual dysfunction uses all male obese subjects attending the outpatient unit of the health facility (2012). Exclusion criteria for participants include patients on certain medications such as antidiabetic, cardiovascular, statin, […]

Experimental Method Design of Research on the Premature Ejaculation

Expected Outcomes Various forms of sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation can be explained by different factors. It is believed that they can be physiological and psychological (Durand & Barlow, 2009, p. 361). Therefore, different forms of therapy can be of some use patients who have to cope with this disorder (Durand & Barlow, 2009, […]

How Drugs Get Into the Brain and Their Effects to Brain Chemistry

How Drugs Get into the Brain Essentially, drugs constitute of chemicals (Brick & Erickson, 1999). When an individual takes drugs, the body absorbs the chemical substance of the drugs into the bloodstream. In the bloodstream, the circulating blood takes the chemical component of the drugs into the brain where they exert their effect. The effect […]

The Legalization of Marijuana

Cannabis is considered to be one of the most widely consumed prohibited drugs in the U.S.A, especially among young people. Every year the quantity of middle and high school undergraduates using marijuana increases while the awareness about the health damage of cannabis deteriorates promptly at the same time. In this essay, we will establish the […]

Methamphetamine Addiction and Prevention

Abstract Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that features a chemical composition that is similar to amphetamine. It is abused through gulping of air, smoking, being dissolved in liquids, or even being injected into the blood stream. Its dependence has various ramifications such as insomnia, exhilaration, insomnia, agitation, dysphoria, and development of obsessive behavior among […]

Pharmaceutical Industry and Drugs

Introduction Pharmaceutical industry has been on the upward over the recent years. This attributes to the growing demand of pharmaceutical products because of changing lifestyles experienced in the modern life. Pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility of developing, producing and marketing of drugs licensed for medication purposes. It is the only body allowed in dealing with […]

The Stages of Production of the H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

The production of the Influenza vaccine involves three stages. First, an influenza virus that has a different genome from the circulating influenza virus is identified (Rappuoli and Giudice, 2010, p.63). After identification, it is adapted for use in vaccines by growing it together with another virus strain to form a hybrid. The hybrid contains the […]

Motion Sickness: Review of Different Countermeasures

Abstract Introduction: Motion sickness is a condition that commonly affects travelers. Many theories have been put in place to explain its pathogenesis. Many treatments have been tried, with pharmacotherapy being widely applied. This paper looks at the different available countermeasures. Methods: The paper is an article review that analyzes the findings of literature that has […]

Biomarkers Definition Working Group

With diminishing success in drug development, manufacturers have been exploring new ways of making drug manufacturing process successful. Biomarkers play a crucial role in drug development (Bleavins, Carini, Jurima, & Rahbari, 2011). Pharmaceutical companies consider using biomarkers to increase the efficiency of new drugs. This paper explores biomarkers, their use, classifications and importance in drug […]

Gilead Sciences Incorporation

Executive Summary Background of the Company The Gilead Sciences Incorporation is a US-based company that specializes in the development of different therapeutic products such as antiviral drugs. Founded in the city of Foster, California, the Gilead Sciences Incorporation has expanded its market into regions such as Europe and Australia. The notable therapeutic products that the […]

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Introduction Recently, the pharmaceutical industry has grappled with an increased cost in production partly because of uncertainty with regards to the necessities for regulatory compliance. Of particular interest is the validation of particularly the automation systems as well as the accreditation of Practices for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Initially, the existence of many […]

Practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Several controversies have been hitting the pharmaceutical industry in the last few years. The larger percentage of the controversies ranges from Medicare fraud to high-priced medications that are marketed by these firms. From the researcher’s point of view, big pharmaceutical corporations are putting huge profits on top of patients, spiraling shammed public relations campaigns and […]

Comparative Analysis of Operations Management Strategies at Merck & Co. and Pfizer Inc.

Executive summary With the advent of innovative technologies and recent shifts in the consumers’ culture, more and more companies realize the importance of effective operations management. Due to the present day realities of intense competition in the pharmaceutical arena, the leading companies cannot afford to put emphasis on only one aspect of quality improvement. Underestimating […]

Problem of Hydrocodone Addiction in US

Introduction Hydrocodone addiction has continued to be a persistent and ever growing crisis in United States. Minimal attention has been given to hydrococone abuse compared to other illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine. According to The Federal Enforcement Administration, hydrocodone is the highest abused prescription drug in US. It is estimated that its […]

Action of Nandrolone on the Cardiovascular, Renal, Blood and Respiratory Systems

It is an offense to use performance enhancement drugs while engaging in various competitive sports. This is mainly because performance enhancement drugs give athletes an unfair advantage over their competitors. Sportsmen face the risk of huge penalties should regulatory bodies discover that they use performance enhancement drugs. However, this does not deter sportsmen from using […]

Pharmaceutical innovation: Can we live forever? A commentary on Schnittker and Karandins

Pre-Reading Paragraph With Medicare introduced in the US in the early 1960’s, the insurance industry recorded its ever-largest change in the entire history. This was because of the advent by economists that the introduction of Medicare would result into inventions within the pharmaceutical industry. This would as a result add onto the mortality rates reduction […]

An Analysis of UK’s and China’s pharmaceutical markets

Introduction Many firms are trying to improve their sales revenue by expanding into new markets. In this case, globalization plays a crucial role in helping the firms to achieve their set goals. In their assessment of the international theory of globalization, Johanson and Vahlne (1990) have identified three distinct phases of globalization. During the first […]

Use or Misuse of Medicines in Western Society

Bradburd, Danell. Being There: Necessity of Fieldwork. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. A medicine is generally defined as a chemical component that helps the person taking it in overcoming some unwanted feelings one may be experiencing in the body. A good example is the normal painkiller that people buy over-the-counter. Such over the counter medications can […]

Different types of drug

When we look at Drugs, the brain and behavior we come to the realization that traditionally, drugs are therapeutic chemicals designed to have maximal benefit with minimal risk of side effects or toxicity. Essentially, psychoactive drugs are those drugs which that change cognition, behavior, and emotions by changing the functioning of the brain. As we […]

Steroids in Baseball

The habit of steroid use among professional athletes is not uncommon in sports arena. Over the past decade, athletes have been charged with the use of performance enhancement drug namely the anabolic Steroid. The reputation of these athletes has been tarnished after they openly admitted to the allegations. However, it is common knowledge that the […]

The benefits and the potential problems associated with prescription drugs being advertised

Introduction The high level of competition and diversity in the modern world has resulted to almost all commodities being highly publicized. In the past, knowledge about prescription drugs was only possible in medical literatures like in medical books, journals or in hospital. Advertisement of prescription drugs was rare with the only form of advertisement being […]

Vaccines and Autism: A Critical Analysis of Thimerosal in Relation to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

Abstract The issue of vaccines and autism has attracted a lot of attentionwithin medical circles. There are controversies in relation to the link between the two. Different people have varied opinions about this topic. Some claim there is an explicit relationship, while others oppose such arguments. In this paper, the author sought to clarify the […]

Safety of oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives have been used by women worldwide since they were introduced as birth control pills in 1961. There are two types of oral contraceptives depending on their synthetic hormone components. The first type is the combined pill which is an oral contraceptive that has both oestrogen and progestin. The second type is the progestin-only […]

Prevention of Medication Errors in Diabetic Patients in Home Health Services

Ventola defines Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising (DTCA) as, “an effort made by a pharmaceutical company to promote its prescription products directly to patients” (par 2). Since its liberalization in 1997, a series of controversies have earmarked the existence of this form of advertising. Different interest groups have engaged in a tight battle some arguing […]

Pfizer and the Challenges of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Identification The case of Pfizer is one of the most interesting studies in the pharmaceutical business. One major reason is that it almost fell into near-death situation, a paradox considering that its mission is treatment of diseases. What happened to this once the biggest global pharmaceutical firm? Who or what was responsible for this fall? […]

Diacetylmorphine in the XXI Century: Heroin, Its Use and Effects

Traditionally considered one of the most dangerous drugs, heroin could definitely use a better reputation. Although the chemical compound is called diacetylmorphine, the substance has gained a notorious recognition by its “nickname,” heroin. Prohibited all over the United States and in most countries of the world, heroin, weirdly enough, is also used for a number […]

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Concerns surrounding vaccine as a cause of autism began many years ago. This concern emerged as a result of children developing autism after 18 months of growth. It is surprising that autism occurred after children had been vaccinated in the first 18 months. During the late 1990s, researchers from Food and Drug Administration admitted that […]

Prescription Painkillers, the New Drug Abuse of Choice

Abstract In the recent past, statistics have shown that as the government increases efforts to curb the use of various illegal drugs, people have turned to prescription drugs, which are increasingly becoming the new forms of drug abuse. Among the most commonly abused prescription drugs are prescription painkillers since they are readily available through various […]

The mechanisms of action of anti-depressants, neuroleptics and anti-manic drugs

Health outcomes are better influenced by a variety of substances of internal or external origin. Nevertheless, the outcomes are often aggravated by certain potential effects of substances acting on them. In fact, the substances are nothing but the drugs or medication prescribed by physian or a doctor. These medications show action on various organ systems […]

The Types and Role of the Pain Medications in Medicine

Types of pain medications There are many medications that are used to relieve pain. Pain can therefore be best controlled when patients used the appropriate medications. Pain can also be minimized using non-pharmaceutical remedies. This is a list of medications that can be used to remedy pain: Acetaminophen otherwise called Tylenol; Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications-NSAIDS; Corticosteroids; […]

Steroids Position Paper

Introduction By definition, steroids are artificial or natural composites that assist in controlling definite body functions. They are categorized in two groups namely anabolic steroids and androgenic steroids.Anabolic steroids are the most common one, which is utilized by sportspersons to enhance their performance in sporting. In light of exploration and subjective reports regarding whether to […]

Drug Abuse Effects

Introduction Drug abuse refers to the consistent use of drugs without putting into consideration the reasons why it was prescribed. In a broader sense, it entails the use of drugs that have non-medical effects to the human body. Drug abuse is considered a disease, rather than a social and a moral problem. Some of the […]