Alternative Medicine Paper Examples

Healing Meditation

Introduction Meditation is a process of a determined focus on a sound, thing, movement or just attention to enhance awareness of the current moment, decrease anxiety, boost recreation and uphold personal and spiritual advancement (Seaward, 2012, pp. 67-74). Even if meditation is a significant religious endeavor in some religions and customs, it could be carried […]

Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Health is considered to be one of the most important human possessions and people have been using the healing power of nature since the beginning of time. Modern science and medical advancements have largely developed drug treatment, thus complementary and alternative medicine is thought to be ineffective and is distrusted by doctors and patients. The […]

Using Songs to Help Patients

For many years, music has been associated with positive impacts on human beings vis-a-vis reducing stress levels. Specifically, many studies have established that music could be utilised to alleviate anxiety and reduce heart rate in contexts that are exemplified by clinical laboratory events (Brattico et al. 2003; Sokhadze 2007). Nowadays, clinicians use songs to help […]

Assimilation of Spirituality in Hong Kong Clinical Practice

Introduction Canada and Furman define spirituality as the heart of helping, which entails act of empathizing and caring for another human being. It is having the pulse of compassion that drives the energy of service delivery. There is a tie between spirituality and healing. Spirituality is the driving force of the social workers and strengthens […]


Who are shamans? Shamans are personal beings who are involved in the practice of treating the spirits in a world beyond human understanding. Shamans are able to do this as they have the capacity to take a journey into the world of spirits. They enter the world of spirits where they are able to master […]

Complementary and Conventional Medicines: Choosing the Most Reasonable Option

Introduction: Traditional Methods versus the Alternative Medicine No matter how hard people will try to put a stop to the existing diseases, there will always be illnesses to battle with. At present, there are two basic ways of curing diseases, which are conventional medicine, which involves taking pills, and complementary medicine, which presupposes an alternative […]

Horticultural Therapy in Alternative Medicine

Currently, the use of horticultural therapy as an alternative form of treatment is being acknowledged in our society unlike in the past. This has led to the establishment of more therapeutic gardens. When setting up these gardens, certain considerations should be made concerning the capturing and engaging of client’s five senses. Because of their varied […]

Employee Use of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine

It is difficult to notice the work related effects that health care practitioners go through. Health care personnel who take care of mentally or physically ill patients tend to experience symptoms which resemble post traumatic stress disorder. This happens because of the trauma that employees develop as a result of investing long hours at the […]

Music Therapy Effectiveness

Music therapy is “clinical and evidence-based use of music intervention” to achieve certain goals within a therapeutic relationship by a certified health expert who has successfully completed an approved music therapy course (American Music Therapy Association). Music therapy is a well-established medical care vocation in which highly trained and qualified healthcare experts use music to […]

Treatment of Autism with the Use of the Picture Exchange Communication System

Introduction Autism, also known as autistic disorder, develops among children, who are under the age of three. The major characteristics of this disorder are impaired communication, problematic social interactions, repetitive behavior, and other forms of restricted interest. Many parents notice that their children have some delays with communication and regard these problems as the first […]

Physical Therapist Assistant (major)

My major is physical therapy. Physical therapist assistants perform their duties under the supervision of physical therapists. Core duties of physical therapist assistant include assisting patients to recover from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. These are procedures, which help patients to manage pain and regain balance during movement. In addition, therapies are developed to enhance mobility, […]

Telemedicine and Its Classification

Telemedicine has indeed transformed the manner in which healthcare services are delivered to patients who may be located in remote locations. It deploys the knowledge obtained from information and telecommunication. It has assisted in eradicating the barrier created by distance in the delivery of healthcare services (Kontaxakis et al 1096). In addition, emergency situations and […]

Concept and Treatment of the Alzheimer Disorder

Alzheimer is a mental complication that results from progressive impairment of the memory (Small, Rabins & Barry, 1997). This complication results into difficulties in communication, ability to recall as well as personality and behavioral related disorders. In most cases, these difficulties are used for diagnosing the disease. There are several factors such as aging, heredity, […]