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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Fiscal Policy in US

The question of the relevance of fiscal policy to the American economy as used by the American government and specifically in combating the effects of recession, inflation and the fluctuating of prices can be explained [...]

Supply and Demand

In conclusion, supply and demand relationship tries to describe macroeconomic variables like price levels and amount of quantity in the economy.

Concepts of Budget and Cash flow analysis

A liability are any claims against the assets of a business or financial organization, they are the obligations that the business has for or against the external stakeholders of the business which may be the [...]

Rwanda’s Economic Development

Rwanda was ranked 80th in the latest global competitiveness index and are employing emphasis on ICT to move through stages of development.

Australian Tax System

The GST system provides a lot of revenue for the Australian government due to the fact that most of the goods normally consumed in the due course of everyday life have to be charged GST.

Fiscal Policy in Spain

Fiscal policy involves the use of government expenditure and the government revenue collection to influence economy, the state of supply demand, output as well as employment.

Issues that affect low wage earners

Low earner hardly afford good housing; they live in houses that do not meet the standards of an adequate housing systems, the reason why they opt for such houses is because they have limited funds [...]

Aspects of Global Poverty

There are arguments that have been put forth in regard to the causes of poverty in various nations with some people saying that the governments in various nations are there to be blamed for their [...]

Feasibility study for a new business

The obvious advantage that the money from my uncle has is the low interest rate. This is mainly because there is more financial freedom of the capital from my uncle than a bank loan.

Obama’s speech on 2012 budget cuts

On February 14th, 2011, the president of the United States of America, delivered a speech detailing his government's vision for the county, alongside the speech, he presented the government's suggested changes in 2012 fiscal budget. [...]

FDI Confidence Index

China is at the top of the FDI index and this is probably due to its high population that provides adequate source of labor.

Opening a detergent plant in two Asian countries

Taking into account Afghanistan, Iran, India and China on which the country borders and to which the market can be potentially extended, it can be stated that the hypothetical size of the market is favorable [...]

Supply Cost Production and Profit

To start with, economy of scale is a concept that mainly applies to the production of goods or services, or any other activities that a firm engages. Thus, in order to determine the economies of [...]

Supply production costs and profits

The total cost of a firm is a sum of total fixed costs and total variable costs. Marginal cost on the other hand refers to the difference in total costs when quantity of goods produced [...]

Demand: Utility and Marginality

The only way that the company can achieve this is to hire more workers that will enable it to satisfy and meet this increase in demand.

Utility and Marginality

Ensuing is a discussion on the two professions and the factors that lead to such a lift in the market pricing.

High Unemployment to Last for Years

The best measure of unemployment is taking a sample of households, and taking the number of unemployed in that particular household and also looking at the number of people who have registered in employment agencies.

Supply and Demand

Thus, the increase of income, limited supply of milk, external economic changes and social economic changes are some of the factors that change the demand of milk.

Cigarette Hike Sparks Panic Buying

The bottom line of this measure is expected to enable the government make savings on medical care of non-communicable diseases that are directly as a result of smoking and which are compounded by use of [...]

Opportunity Cost

In addition to that, scarcity of services and products offered by the hotel industry in various markets, microeconomic issues such as consumer behavior and income level, efficient allocation of resources particularly investment capital, absolute advantage [...]

Poverty and the Environment

The human population affects the environment negatively due to poverty resulting to environmental degradation and a cycle of poverty. Poverty and the environment are interlinked as poverty leads to degradation of the environment.

Monopolies proposed mergers

According to allocative efficiency theory, for a perfect competition to occur, there must be optimal distribution of goods and services, the consumers have a wide variety of choice to level that price equals the Marginal [...]

Markets and Economy Analysis

The GDP computation applied in measuring economic position in a country have their strengths and weaknesses and a lot of care should be taken to ensure the success of a country is well accounted for. [...]

Decision making: Purchasing a House

A mortgage is important in that it offers the contractor a chance to own a house and pay in instalment depending with the cost of the facility and the income of the contractor.

Financial Ratio Analysis

The ratios provide the required guidelines of measuring the progress of the business and at the same time alert the management on the problems that might occur within the Company businesses.

International Trade Advantages and Limitations

Comparative advantage David Ricardo developed the concept of comparative advantage in 1817; the main argument of the concept is that a country has a comparative advantage if its marginal production cost is lower than marginal [...]

Economics of Sport and Recreation

To motivate the football players FIFA has increased the salary of players in the world cup. This may be defined as the cost and benefit of additional players in the game.

Implications of Reforms in the Euro-zone

Due to the dynamics of the political and economic environment in the region, the Euro-zone is currently facing governance challenges. Third, the political decisions of the member states in regard to development will be shaped [...]

Federal Reserve and the Role of Money in It

In order to effectively manage the monetary system of a country, the central bank has to carry out some responsibilities such as implementation of the monetary policy, controlling the interest rates of the currency of [...]

Don’t Enter the Dragon

The state visit and the pompous reception of China's president Hu Jintao to the US served to show how important the economies of these two countries are to each other.

The Fat Tax Concept

Therefore more research is needed to establish the estimates for the national obesity-related cost, and the benefits in order to settle the uncertainty of fat tax implications.

Trading on the Stock Markets

In the United States, the biggest stock market, basing on the market capitalization, is the NYSE "New York Stock Exchange". This stock exchange, being the only major stock exchange in the country, used to operate [...]

Example of Fair Trade – Trade System

Besides, fair trade emphasizes the alteration of various operations and policies of conventional trade to promote equity in the business. It is essential to the note that the farmer is a member of the cooperative [...]

China’s Terms for Global Companies

For historical reasons, the Chinese leaders are unwilling to stress the influence of foreign capital on the economy of the country and develop restrictive policies for establishing the manufacturing operations in China, motivating the foreign [...]

Income Inequality

This is because to a large extent, the income inequality mostly applies to the difference between the rich and the middle-class people in the society.

Web Quest of Employee Business

We believe that a profession of financial analyst is quite responsible and privilege and we plan to browse the Internet to select the best job where all our skills and abilities could be fulfilled.

The Global Economy: China

This is because it was able to expand its market niche by sharing in the foreign market and also being exposed to the global competition that required it to strategize its products very strategically to [...]

Economic Growth of China

The fact that China is expected to contribute to about a third of the world's growth this year makes the issue a global concern.

Politics of Globalization in Taiwan

According to Kwok, Taipei, the capital city and the largest city in Taiwan has become one of the global cities through the production of high technology and its components.

Economic Analysis of Stone Crab Season

She discusses the issues that are likely to influence the outcome of the stone crab season. She briefly discusses the process of getting the crabs from the water all the way to the table.

Bankruptcy and Ethics

In the United States of America, bankruptcies are named according to the chapter of the bankruptcy law that they fall under.

Measuring Economic Health

Gross domestic product is the entirety marketplace assessment in dollars, of all the goods and services produced by all citizens in a nation, within the boundaries of that country at a given year.

Trends in Consumer Buying Habits

This means that marketing will have to be redefined for consumers to get the right information because they rely on it to make informed decisions in relation to buying goods and services.

The Impact of Globalization in Malaysia

The negative impact of the globalization process in 1997 was vocally criticized by Malaysia and marked it as a 'betrayal' by the western economies through the forces of the global market.

Social Security System In The United States

This might not be a major blow to the scheme because the small differences on the rates of return make huge pension over the years, hence the current improvement on living standards of many retirees [...]