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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

The Role of Social Media in Modern Society

Nowadays, Facebook has become one of the largest networks in the world by means of which people can share and exchange views, images, and photos.

Internet and Children under the Age of 11

Internet can be a powerful tool for learning and sharing ideas and it can definitely contribute to the development of children and adolescents. In order to understand the influence of Internet on children, one should [...]

Video Games and Their Impact on Children

A number of children sociologists and developmental biologists argue that the shift from traditional outdoor game to video games in children has various negative effects on the development of children.

Guns Should Be Controlled or Restricted in the USA

The problem is in fact that the causes of the phenomenon are not only in increasing the atmosphere of violence in the society but also in the availability of the methods to realize the violent [...]

How to Succeed in Life

The difference between those who succeed in life and those who do not is that successful people make it their mission to pursue their goals and objectives in life.

Fame and Notoriety

An example of such influence is common in young people, who seem to believe and follow the culture of the famous people.

Technology and Its Effect on Society

This essay sets out to support the fact that technology has had a great impact on human culture as well as people's interactions and improved the way of living worldwide.

They’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught by Susan Konig

This is one of the issues that Susan Konig explores in her essay They have Got to Be Carefully Taught. In this case, the term logos can be interpreted as the appeal to the rationality [...]

Race, Gender and Sexuality

The objective of this essay is to analyse the article "Gender, sexuality, and ethnicity as the factors of club drug use among Asian Americans" on the basis of social construction.

Poverty Concerns in Today’s Society

In the contemporary world, the definition of poverty is often made international by bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations bodies with a hypothetical line being described for the various regions of [...]

The Religious Principles of Regulating the Social Life

In spite of the fact the religious and political principles to regulate the social life are different, both the religious and political systems develop within the definite society, and this fact explains the relationship between [...]

Polygamy in America: Between Society, Law, and Gender

After the publication of the book, Smith received another revelation from John the Baptist who ordained him with the task of restoring the "true" church.[22] Many scholars perceive the book of Mormons to be the [...]

Analyzing and argument

A deeper analysis of the singer's background as well as women's reception of the song would have provided a convincing argument on the performance.

The Church Institution Importance for African-Americans

Many church leaders were among the first to respond to the needs that arose after the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 because the government had failed to plan well for the needs of the minority in [...]

Poverty Concerns in Today’s Society

Although the author does not expound on the various factor that enhance the growth and development of poverty, it is vivid that the world population in the modern society is facing a common economic threat.

Similarities between small and big families

Small families Children in small families have all the chances and resources to cater for their education, up to the highest levels of education they deserve.

“A Different Mirror” Analysis and Chapter 8 Summary

The issues discussed include the reasons for the movement of the Chinese to America, the expectations of the Chinese; jobs, discrimination, contributions to America, power, economics, gender issues, bachelor societies, etc.and the common experiences the [...]

The Family from a Sociological Approach

The family is the simplest form of social interaction; it forms the base of a society. The case above of dominance and unconscious division of power is seen as social stratification in the family.

“To Twitter or not to Twitter”

The article appeals to his contemporaries since the discussion relates to issues they are struggling with, while the younger generation will find some historical value in it and a feel of the perspective the older [...]

The Problem of Population Aging in the US

Given that the retirement age is the determinant of labour force participation, increased retirement age would significantly reverse economic crisis due to population aging.

A Typical Household Family

A nuclear family is understood to mean a unit consisting of the father, mother and the children, while an extended family is comprised of the nuclear family together with the rest of the family members, [...]

On the Origins of Violence

Given that they have had close ties in their crimes, the most probable pointer to origin of violence is biological. In order to reduce such type of violence, it is quite essential that environment is [...]

Origins of Violence

Due to the rising proportions of violence in America taking interest in Colorado a research program known as CSPV was established to help the community in preventing violence.

Aspects and Principles of Interpersonal Communication

I need to communicate with the others so that I can be able to belong in this society. The second principle is the fact that as a communicator I cannot take back that which I [...]

Five Faces of Oppression

But if there is a way to break the culture and language barrier it is easier to have compassion on them and learn that they are not different from the members of the majority group.

Parents Should Spank Their Children

While some parents uphold spanking as the most appropriate mode of disciplining their children, others argue that inflicting physical pain to the child can lead to negative consequences in the future. The parents should be [...]

Feminist movement

There are much irony and repetition in Brady's essay the author tries to resemble the style of a small child speaking about his wife and a family to compare his cognition and considerations with the [...]

Description of Masculinities

In an attempt to address masculinities, the initial recognition of the social construction of sexuality triggered more discussions on 'values' and the 'normal' roles of each gender.

Shaking Hand & Kissing: Cultural Aspect

I was nervous as I went on kissing and shaking hands with strangers in the town since I was aware that kissing and shaking hands to strangers is not a social norm in America and [...]

Gender Analysis Example – Essay Paper

This led to a situation where the contribution of women was pivotal to the survival of their families and nation. Rubin refers to gender as the activities, behaviors and roles that society expects from men [...]

Elements of Strong Family

In addition to the element of attention, there are other important parts to be considered in a strong and healthy family, like respect and discipline.

Alcohol Abuse Issues

However, due to low legal driving age in America, many teenagers are prone to the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol than in other countries.

The Greater Good

In the US, Habeus Corpus is enshrined in the first article of the constitution, but as part of the response to 9/11 by the US government, the Military Commissions Act was passed by the Congress [...]

Cultural Diversity

In particular, the brief summaries have given the clear picture of Multiculturalism in the United States in relation to the origin.

Mobile Phones Use in the Learning Institutions

The use of the mobile phones, which are easily accessible by most of people, gives people access to institutions of learning without physically attending the institutions.

Love Relationships Concept and Society’s Perception

Love is the lubricant that oils the gears of relationships, and without it there is a lot of friction in the relationships between friends, families and spouses due to the absence of affection.

Analysis of Gender Issues in the Media

The message in the advertisement simply showed that women are able to control men by using their bodies in a certain way.

Community and Domestic Violence: Elder Abuse

In addition, the fact the elderly people cannot defend themselves because of the physical frailty that they encounter, they will experience most of the elderly abuse.

Communication Skills in Career Goal

It will be necessary for me to use emotional intelligence, for example in a scenario where the customer was mean or rude to one of my graphic designers' due to dissatisfaction, it will be imperative [...]

Theory of the Impacts of Scarcity on Modern Society

The third argument that explains why inequality is caused by scarcity is that the elite groups are in a better position to safeguard their properties from the adverse impacts of scarcity while the incomes of [...]

How George would make his decision as a utilitarian

In other words, for George to make this decision as a utilitarian, he would have to maximize the overall happiness of the people involved or are to be affected by the decision.

Is Crowd Sourcing Ethical?

Twitter states that if one changes the language settings, one will know that Twitter is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish "Global voices" is a bloggers and translators community website spread [...]

The Impact of Media on Children

The positive impacts of media on children include educating them on various topics and life matters. Most of the information that the children learn on media is much more than what the parents alone can [...]

How the Internet Affect the Young People

Procedure A survey will to be conducted to examine the use of internet among the young people. Solutions to the Effects of Internet on Young People Internet is a two edged sword, one edge good [...]

Culture Clash as a Great Conflict

The way of life of people is a measure of their level of civilization. That is the reason as to why there is a big disparity on the issue of abortion.

Constructive Controversy

The first theory is the Social Interdependence Theory which stipulates that the interaction of the individuals determines the results of the interaction.

The Importance Of Being A Good Critical Thinker

According to the article, there are a growing number of social networks that can be adopted to sell or dispense information; the networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yahoo Chat.

A Report on State laws regarding computer use and Abuse

This study is about the laws of the state with regard to the use of computers and the abuse thereof. The New York state law according to the Legal Directories has criminalized the unauthorized use [...]

Media and Culture

The objective of this paper is to discuss the methods the media use to manipulate facts and what can be done to stop this manipulation by implementing laws that should govern the media.

Watching TV Makes Us Smarter Debate

As in the case of the '24' in relation to how it can make me smarter, I believe that the complexities of plot lines and the quick paced action is an effort to make viewers [...]

Why the revolution will not be Tweeted

The upheaval of social media has made people to lose the meaning of activism. This is to show that freshman needed more of activism not the social media to complete the resistance.

Marriage in the Modern World

For instance, there is no common agreement over the number of parties required in a marriage; who should select partners for marriage; whether or not the rearing of children is the core idea of marriage; [...]

Lifestyle in the Suburbs

Though the cost of buying a house in the suburbs is lower than in the urban, maintenance is expensive. Maintenance cost of a home in the suburban is quite expensive.

Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse

Drug trafficking contributes to drug abuse in the society. Drug trafficking also contributes to increased criminal activities that affect the security of citizens.

Social Networks Benefits and Disadvantages

The articles under consideration prove that the use of social networks allows participants to carry out a psychological analysis and define a profile of a person socializing on the Internet.

Stanford prison experiment

One of the results that were realized from the experiment was the level of rebellion that the prisoners developed after some time within the prison set up.

Child Soldiers in Africa

Dictatorial governments have emerged over the years leading to uprising of rebel groups in opposition to the government of the day, which has been the root cause of civil wars in most African countries.

Marriage in Saudi Arabia

The elders of the prospective bride propagated marriage in Saudi Arabia, and afterward, it was the responsibility of either the groom or the groom's parents to propose to her father.

The Belmont Report Ethical Principles and Guidelines

Subjects have right to know the purpose of the research, the procedure that is involved, the inherent risks and benefits, and where therapy is involved, an alternative procedure that will be involved.

The Singer Solution to World Poverty

Everyone in this world has different perception about luxury for example many people consider Television as the basic need of life in order to get information and current situation of the world where as some [...]

Problems in Marriage – The Weakening of Families

The nuclear family begins from the father followed by the mother and then the children while the extended family begins from the grandfather down to the youngest grandchild in the family.

Change of Life in the United States

There are a number of ways in which the social life in the United States can change in the next 10 years.

Abusing Human Rights: Violence Against Women

According to the research topic violence against women, the only appropriate approach or method to be used in researching on violence against women is a survey whereby the researcher is supposed to go to the [...]

Contemporary Issues: Gender

The critique of women's position in society and culture goes back to the writings of Mary Wollonstonecraft in a publication entitled 'a vindication of the rights of women, Stuart Mill "the subjugation of women" and [...]

Audrey Yue and Sharon Zukin’s articles

Now, Zukin's description of the installation of surveillance on a privatized public property is similar to Yue's comment on the inclusion of surveillance technologies in postmodern shopping malls and supermarkets.

School Violence, Its Causes and Prevention

According to Benbenishty and Astor, school violence is a global issue that needs concerted interventions from various countries and stakeholders in formulation of theories and policies to avert increasing trends of violence in schools.

Characteristics of an ideal society

Many philosophers have made attempts to suggest ways of attaining an ideal society, a society in which there is equal freedom for all and where all the needs of people are met. More and King [...]

Variable Identification

An independent variable is one that is manipulated and controlled by the researcher; on the other hand the dependent variable is the one that is observed and measured so as to understand the effects of [...]

The Successful Experiment

To limit the effect of extraneous variables, a researcher may need to control the degree of randomness of the experimental variable.

Women in Engineering

Besides, the paper shall discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities they encounter in the course of their career and elaborate on different recommendations, aimed to improve their prospects in the working environment to pave way [...]

Social Class and Inequality

In this paper, I analyze three articles on social class and inequality to find out whether the authors' views agree with mine on the negative attitudes towards the poor by the middle class and the [...]

Break up of a Relationship

In this situations lack of children becomes a major source of stress in the relationship and this mostly affects the person seen or is suspected as the reason.

Causes of Divorce in America

In the recent years, the divorce rates have been increasing while the marriage rates have been declining. The high divorce rates have caused researchers to investigate the major causes of divorce.

Social Viewpoints

The five views of human nature are the simplistic view, the two-fold view, the three-fold view, the four-fold view, and the five-fold view.

Pre marriage counseling/ one year before getting married

On the other hand, pre-marriage counseling may lead to the end of a relationship. Unfortunately, some people refrain from consulting pre-marriage counselors due to breach of privacy or if the counselor is not in a [...]

Gender and Media – Relation to Women

She has to find her father not to be turned out of the house. She wanted to remain in the house, to stay with her brother and sister, and find her father.

Social Welfare Influences

It is therefore the role of the state government to ensure that the economic as well as the social well being of all its subjects.

Social Work as a Profession

The danger comes that in case the approach or decisions taken by the volunteers are not the best, then the society is likely to suffer substandard decisions challenging social works ideology When social workers are [...]

Sexual violence as a tool of genocide

It is disgusting to observe the expert say that this act is a 'cultural behavior' and that it is amorally correct.' The author does a good analysis by relating the origin of sexual violence and [...]

Same Sex Marriages Impact on the Children Social Growth

It must also be noted that members of the homosexual community are often thought of as carriers for various forms of sexually transmitted diseases and as such same sex marriages are thus connected to legitimizing [...]

Multinational Companies: A Global Introduction

The capacity of an organization to expand in the international arena faces many challenges related to the need to survive within multicultural environment.

Overdependence on Technology

Overdependence on technology has made us become sedentary and therefore diseases that did not exist in the 18th century and below have now become a great threat to our livelihoods.

Cultural Relativism

As a matter of fact, Montaigne shows that the value of a culture can only be assessed within the context of the users and how members of the society identify the significance of their culture.

Fashion Sociology

In the view of evolution of fashions and clothing, the modern society is shaping its identity by allowing unique members in the society to have freedom of exercising their values and beliefs in relation to [...]

Cult Leaders Characteristics

They possess a powerful control over the members to ensure that they adhere to the set out rules and practices of the cult.

Errors in Reasoning: Fallacies

Conversely, errors in reasoning that are more difficult to diagnose include fallacies such as conventional wisdom, which entails the use of facts known to everybody to construct arguments.

Political Discrimination Against Women

In most societies, women are perpetually pushed to the periphery in many activities of the community. The kind of education exposes women in the society to be lesser to men.

Concept of Intersectionality

Intersectionality is a concept in sociology that is applicable in the analysis and study of human relationships and interactions within the society[1].

Freedom of Speech

The paper will look at the human nature that necessitates speech and expression, freedom of speech as applied in different countries and limitations that freedom of speech faces.

Crime and deviance

Crime is an act that is against the norm of a society and the registered law of the entire country. A person is usually taken to the court of law where the offence is listened [...]

Importance of Adopting Children

Government and adoption societies should put in place measures to ensure that the adoption process is accessible and that the society is educated on the importance of adopting children thereby giving equal chances to the [...]

Stereotypes of American Citizens

McAndrew and Akande lament that in the United States, African Americans are the most stereotyped due to racial discrimination and the dark history of slavery.

The Problems of Abortion in Modern Society

Several groups such as religious,civil society and governments consider the act of abortion as illegal since it denies the fetus its right to life and therefore calls for the enactment of laws to regulate the [...]

Undocumented workers in the United States

This was quite a challenge to the immigrants working in the slaughter house forcing them to quit their jobs to avoid such constant harassment and for their safety.
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