Project: Warfare in the High Skies

The UAE Government The Unites Arab Emirates (UAE) is a perfect example of the transformational power of politics in the management of a country. The country was a sleepy corner of the Gulf barely a century ago. Its current international profile is the result of efforts undertaken in the last forty years. For a country […]

Sarah Palin

Governor Sarah Palin was the running mate of Republican Candidate John McCain during the General Elections in the US in 2008. It has been argued that the media coverage she received in the run up to that election was biased and led McCain to lose to President Barack Obama. This paper will discuss whether sexism […]

Michelle Obama

Introduction The incumbent President Barrack Obama was seeking re-election as the president of the United States of America for the next four years. He was facing Mitt Romney, a republican candidate, in the November 2012 polls. America’s first lady, Michelle Obama, in her speech at the Democrats National Convention (DNC), told of how her husband […]

Arab Spring

Introduction Several Arab countries have witnessed a turning point in recent years, characterized by riots and demonstrations, stretching from North Africa to the Middle East. These protests and transformations were first witnessed in Tunisia towards the end of 2010 and largely spread in 2011 to several countries, in what was later referred to the Arab […]

As Supreme Court Reconvenes, Civil Rights Issues In The Fore

Madison’s article (2012) ‘As Supreme Court Reconvenes, Civil Rights Issues in the Fore’, discusses legal issues the Supreme Court needs to rule on after reconvening (p. 1). The court is about to reconvene with a lot of civil rights cases awaiting its determination. The civil rights cases which the court will rule on relate to […]