Corruption in Russia

Introduction As Boylan (1-2) argues, corruption is one of the prime causes of Russia’s political, economic and, social problems, because of the rampant involvement of most government officials in corruption. As he further adds, although the government has put down measures to contain the practice, for example, the adoption of the 1997 anti-graft legislation, such […]

Role and Powers of Presidents

The president is supposed to exercise the powers which are granted to him or her by the Federal Constitution or the Congress act in the interest of the public. However there have been divergent arguments among the people holding this presidential office arising from different references and reasoning. All the arguments insist that each is […]

Civil Liberty Restrictions

Introduction The America civil liberties are the Bill of Rights and are the first ten amendments in the United States constitution. These are the inalienable basic rights of the citizens since independence and form the central pillar of the human rights. The preamble of the United States constitution affirms the intention of the people that, […]

The required Freedom and Democracy in Afghanistan

Introduction In the recent years, President George Bush of America once had a freedom agenda for the non-democratic nations. The President’s vow was to stand on the same ground with non-democratic countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, and Pakistan in search of freedom and democracy. Nonetheless, it is true that social equality and free will […]

The US Anti-terrorism Efforts are Failing

Introduction The world is still in shock and panic following the recent terrorist attacks that marred the 2013 Boston Marathon event in April (Gale Group para 1). The Boston Marathon is one of the major global sporting events that draw attention from virtually all parts of the world. The organization of the event, like all […]

Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment for E-Government

Introduction Mobile or handheld devices have changed the way people live and conduct business. This is a feature of mobile computing which was once a dream because of its intricacies and complexities. With the advancement of technology, particularly nano-technology, this is now a reality and has aided many disciplines, to include science, medicine, and now […]