Integration of information systems in HCOs

Healthcare organizations need to have a well integrated and managed information system for proper running. Adequate data and managed information is useful to the healthcare personnel in making appropriate decisions. This is required when caring for patients and when running and managing healthcare organizations. It is required in filing of documents, in meeting the regulatory […]

Banning the use of Tobacco

1. Introduction Tobacco is a product of a species of plant that has nicotine content. Harvested as leaves of that particular plant, tobacco can be used to control pests or even as medicine. It is however widely used as a drug through smoking, snuffing, chewing among others. This paper seeks to support the banning of […]

Body Fitness and Health

Body shapes differ in body fat levels and muscle accumulation and are determined by genetics. People have different body shapes, with men having rectangular shape and women having hourglass shape. The society has focused on how people appear, but an individual’s view of his/her own appearance may not meet the society’s expectation. This paper focuses […]

Privarization of Health

Introduction In the world today, many countries are turning to private rather than public health care system. Although it seems acceptable to many, it is subjected to disagreements that may be economical, political, and ethical / medical. The focus, however, is mostly on ethical issues given that it is concerned more with human life. Albreht […]

Critical Review of Chapter 5 and 6 of the book HIV/AIDS

HIV-AIDs-Book Review The problem The world’s production rate has been adversely affected by HIV-AIDs epidemic; the reason for the adverse effect is the infection rate among the productive population. When the productive population is suffering, labour force, a factor of production, is reduced. The rate of production in an economy determines on the economic growth […]