Introduction Nationalism was coined from the French revolution of 18th century. The notion of “nation-state” is taken as a root of fight toward nationalism by most countries (Chawla 2). Actually, the ideology of nationalism is perhaps entrenched to the elite class of a territory, who were against the traditional beliefs and cultures. The elite’ publications […]


Today, democracy is the most common system of government in which the political power is collectively decided and controlled by the people. It can literally be interpreted as ‘’rule of the people.’’ Therefore, this means that ordinary citizens possess the ultimate authority over governmental decisions and policies. Democracy rose due to the demand from ordinary […]

How the size of a republic relate to the republic’s preservation and good government according to Brutus and Publius

In the political arena, the size of the republic determines the type of governance. Either one person (president) or the monarchies govern in large republics. The ruling system involves trusting the wellbeing of the state in one man or few representatives who execute laws. Unfortunately, citizens in large republics may experience oppression through dictatorship and […]

NBC Weapons

Introduction The spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the world have heightened tensions between allies and foes and led to increase in potential threats in the global politics. The numbers of countries that have nuclear, chemical and biological weapons have reduced drastically due to the ability of countries to curb/reduce their inventories and […]

Decentralization and Devolution of Political Power

Introduction Devolution has become a global trend over the past decades especially since the end of the World War II. Many countries are implementing decentralization as well as devolution in order to drive economic growth. Devolution is where the central government constitutionally grants powers to governments at sub-national levels. The levels include local, regional as […]

What is Politics?

The real meaning of politics may seem difficult to unravel because of the difference in systems of government, applications and functions or attributes of the politicians in different countries. A Canadian definition of politics would significantly vary from that of an American since the Canadian sees politics as natural and a growth in human behavior. […]