China Sustainable Cities Program Report

Executive Summary China Sustainable Cities Program is a massive project that is meant to turn around the current structure of the cities of this country. After years of being considered the world’s leading country in environmental pollution, China has decided to make a move that would see have a transformed society. This project is meant […]

Implementing China Sustainable Cities Programme: Potential Risks and Appropriate Risk Management Schemes Proposal

Abstract This is according to UN HABITAT’s latest release on the state of the world Cities 2010/201, about 50% of the people from all countries live in cities and urban areas. It is also estimated that the trend will continue in the foreseeable future. This directly translates to overstraining of the available infrastructures in the […]

Is majority rule democratic? Term Paper

Democracy is being sought by almost everyone in the world especially Africans who find it as the only alternative for survival (Kasongo 2005). They believe that under a democratic system, there is nothing to lose since it has been a potential solution for the world political crisis. India has been named as the world largest […]

Has the European Integration Process since 1950s Reflect Carl Schmitt’s Critique on Universalism? Research Paper

Introduction In the course of history, the basis of political universalism has been on the assumption that human beings are no longer plausible. The arguments supporting universalism have for a long time taken lightly the common core of humanity that surpasses every social or historical context. Universalist critics argue on the basis of the complicated […]

Why are there different theories of the state? Which one do you find most useful and why? Essay

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to provide an overview of the different theories of the state, highlight the various reasons why there are different theories of the state, and finally, identify the most useful theory as well as providing a justification of the choice. Theories forms the basis of explaining complex phenomenon in […]