The floor plan of a proposed spa

Introduction The purpose of this assessment is to examine and critically review the floor plan that has been presented for assessment by an architect for the purposes of facilitating guest satisfaction and profitability when the spa is finally built As it is, there are several partitions in the current design which are a mechanical room, […]

Tony Takitani

Tony Takitani is a film that captures the melancholy of Murakami’s short story of the same name. Tony, the main character, a mechanical illustrator by profession, is a son of two Japanese parents. He grew up alone with a caretaker in his tender age since his mother had died a few days after he was […]

Why We Fight

The 1942 film Why We Fight represents a classical example of American wartime propaganda. Given the fact that, during the course of thirties and forties, the majority of Americans shared an isolationist sentiment, it was crucially important for the America’s policy-makers at the time to convince citizens that country’s joining the WW2 was not optional.1 […]

Fashion and cinema: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Introduction Fashion especially in Hollywood films has become one of the most significant elements that have been used to draw more appealing features in cinema. One such example of fashion and its expression of character and practice have been clearly depicted in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany. Fashion signals an individual’s status in a social […]

Similarities and differences between film and articles

“The pirates of Caribbean: dead man’s chest” is an intriguing film that highlights the theme of supernatural. Directed by Gore Verbinski, the film describes the struggles that people undergo to achieve a personal goal. While Julia Kristeva’s essay, “something to be scared of”, highlights desire as a major anticipation of human beings. Kristeva uses three […]

Comprehensive Art Education

The knowledge of the efficacy of art education is important for school tutors and their faculty who desire to have the best teaching methods. Additionally, parents are interested in having their kids go through the education system and graduate being well armed with skills to help them cope with the ever changing world and discourage […]

What about Bob

Abstract The film unravels the synopsis of the events involving disorders encountered in the psychology. Abnormal psychology is the main area of interest. Bob Wiley (Bob Murray) herein described as a reclusive patient of a hedonic psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), is referred from his former doctor who fails to diagnose him of any […]

Comparison between Sculpture in Kuwait and Australia

There have been significant differences between the sculptures in Kuwait and those in Australia. The research will evaluate the weaknesses in Kuwait sculptures in terms of funds accessible, available galleries and the public awareness on this artistic works. In addition, the research will evaluate ways of strengthening the sculptures in Kuwait. Synopsis The difference between […]

Wedding planning project

Introduction The job under analysis is a wedding planning project that lasted for 10 months. The concerned couple chose not to hire a wedding planner, so they shared all the planning responsibilities with the bridal team. The following people were involved in the project: the bride, groom, groomsmen (the best man led his group), bridesmaids […]

The Plan for a Two-story Office Building in Colorado that Houses 50 Employees

Introduction Every year, we experience various forms of disasters, where we lose lives, property, and people are injured. In such circumstances, the business operations usually come to a halt, and this causes the cost of running the business to rise. This cost is occasionally passed over to the shareholders, employees, consumers and other organs of […]

Architect Harry Seidler

Harry Seidler is regarded as one of the most influential individuals in modern architecture, especially in Australia. Based on his belief that architecture is a form of simple but functional design art, he was devoted to bettering the physical world through application of modern technology. Perhaps, one of the reasons why his works are considered […]

The Position Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory Allots to the Art Object Regarding Desire in Postmodernities

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory and Art Introduction Importance of the issue Appreciating pieces of art is a great pleasure as it gives us time for imagining the personalized meaning of those objects through our own personal mirrors of our egos and minds. Sometimes, we try to find the meaning of what we see or hear with […]

Europa Europa: Film Studies

Introduction Europa Europa is a 1990 movie outlining the autobiography of Solomon Perel, a Jew who lived in Germany during the reign of Hitler and managed to survive the persecutions of the Nazis. Directed by Agnieszka Holland in German language, this chef-d’oeuvre portrays Solomon as a Hitler boy though he was a Jew. In 1938 […]

The Convergence of the Computer Graphics and the Moving Image

The concept of new media has thus emerged and entails an amalgamation of two distinct historical paths: computing and media technology (Manovich p.1). These two phenomena have contributed to the emergence of contemporary media technologies that facilitate the storage of sounds, images, image series and text utilizing diverse materials- film stocks, photographic plates, and gramophone […]

Humanities – Photography

Introduction After the major wars in the 19th and 20th centuries, museums were set up for photography and this trend continues even in contemporary times. Photographers started breaking free from the repressive structures of taking straight artistic and documentary expression pictures. The documenters then begun to probe the social landscape, which mostly mirrored their real […]

“Christ before Pilate” by Luca Giordano

Introduction During the Renaissance period, scholars and theologians used various strategies to emphasize the importance of Christ’s life. Most of the artists at the time presented different paintings and images aimed at encouraging people to appreciate Christ’s existence on earth. The painting “Christ before Pilate” by Luca Giordano is one of these works of art. […]

Classical Argument Paper: Antony from film “Crash”

Introduction Paul Haggis’ film “Crash” is a deliberate attempt to examine racism following the lives of people from different ethnic groups, like Los Angeles, which collide one fateful day. Haggis portrays the racial tension, as it stands in the modern day Los Angeles, by seemingly suggesting that every individual is racially prejudiced. The film is […]

Transgender issues in “The Crying Game” and “M. Butterfly”

Historically, community has difficulties with accepting not only peculiarities of the others but even their own nature. The acceptance of the phenomenon of transgender status in contrast to widely spread stereotypes on it is one of the central themes and moral messages of the 1992 movie The Crying Game and the 1993 movie M. Butetrfly. […]

The Battle of Algiers

The Major Arguments of the Film Among the major arguments brought forward by the film, “The Battle of Algiers” of 1966 by Gillo Pontecorvo is that winning a war depends on strategies and tactics as well as. Freund (2) argues that although the French were tactful, they failed to quell the insurgency by the National […]

“Voyage to the Moon”: The Fantastic Dream of Georges Méliès

The silent film Voyage to the Moon directed by Georges Méliès represents an important landmark in the development of cinematography since it incorporates a variety of techniques that were revolutionary by the standards of the early twentieth century. For a long time, the color version of the film was believed to be irretrievably lost. However, […]

The Function of Place and Space in “Days of Heaven” by Terence Malick

Film theory deals with the exploration of the nature and essence of films, their influence on the audience, relationships of the film context and scenes with reality, society, its history and culture. Films use specific “means of expression”, such as camera work, lightning, shots, sound. Place and space are ones of the most influential means […]

Art through History

Introduction During the 19th century, conflict between the ancient and modern art emerged. As a matter of fact, the century witnessed the beginning of radical changes in the field of art (Galenson ‘painting outside the Lines’ 45). It was also during this century that industrial revolution began in France whereby some artists embraced romanticism of […]

History of Art and Design

Introduction Art and design are two concepts that have been in existence for centuries (Watson 55). Art work was mostly inspired by the issues that revolved around the community in the ancient days. Most of these issues included, economics, politics, society, culture and aesthetics. The forms of designs were object oriented, these were interiors, crafts, […]

Works of Art

Introduction Pieces of artwork from different time periods portray varying styles. Several time periods had distinctive schools of thought. As a result, an artist who created a piece of work revealed a certain philosophical point of view. Aspects like positioning of key figures in an artwork tell of a particular style used to construct an […]

Visual Arts

Abstract The various forms of artistic traditions that thrived among the indigenous people of America are referred to as Native American art. This paper explores the indigenous arts of the Native American and how the significance of art has changed in the present society. In particular, the paper discusses the richness of Native American art […]

The Washington DC Auto Show

Overview of the Event The Washington DC Auto Show is always a huge event because it symbolizes the country’s boldest and brightest dreams of the automotive industry. The show is also an avenue to celebrate the industry’s growth and transformation. Since 1921, the show has helped many companies come up with modern technologies and ideas […]

“The Gate of Heaven Peace” by Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton

Introduction Among the best ever produced documentary movie is the “The Gate of Heaven Peace”, which demonstrates a split that existed in the student union, during their struggle for democracy in the then conservative society. Chai Ling, who is the overall student leader, suggests the clarifying upheavals and shocks through violence would be a lasting […]

Neolithic pottery and art Culture

Introduction The Neolithic period is one of the most fascinating periods in the Chinese history; a period believed to have started in 10,000 B.C. and came to an end eight thousand years later. This period was characterized by a population, which solely depended on crop and domestic animal farming as opposed to gathering and hunting […]

Contemporary Art in China

Introduction The development of contemporary art in China is a result of intellectual, cultural, economic political and social factors. The growth and acceptance of contemporary art in China has not taken place overnight. Rather, it has taken decades of struggle for freedom, execution of artists, and manipulation of art associations by the communist government. However, […]


Introduction A learning experience can be considered effective if it results in the acquisition of new knowledge or developing of new perceptions by a person. In the recent past, I visited three museums that represent various ethnic groups. These museums are; the Wing Luke Museum, The Burke museum, and the Cambodian Cultural Museum. I followed […]

History of Disaster Films

Disaster films are films that tell a fictional story or a true story based on a disastrous event. Disaster films, which are mostly feature films, have dominated the commercial cinema since the coming of classical Hollywood. The major feature of these films is their element of spectacular disaster (Mast & Kawin, 2010). This element allows […]

Mise-en-scene, shots and sound: Hitchcock’s spare use of cinematic repertoire in Sabotage’s murder sequence

Alfred Hitchcock’s innovative and seminal contributions to cinema are visible all through his films, as evidenced by the fact that his name is associated with at least one zoom technique. The murder sequence in Sabotage is a clear example of this creativity. This segment of the film, which could be merely sensational, nonetheless reveals several […]