Analysis of Dubai’s Aviation Model

Introduction Dubai’s aviation sector is one of the most successful in the world and the most important in Dubai’s economy. The sector is made up of the fast-growing Emirates Airline and other foreign carriers, Dubai Airports Company and the Ground Handling Company. Currently, the sector supports 125,000 jobs which are related to the aviation industry. […]

Project Safety Risk Management Plan

Executive Summary This report is a study of an Australian construction project known as Sydney Light Rail Construction and Extension. The project costs around US$ 100 million. It is a continuing project which is highly manageable. This project has been shown to be specifically risky in terms of safety. Risk management is therefore predominantly applicable […]

Database System Basics

A computer system is made of different electronic components and parts that make it look complex. These fundamental components constitute a computer system that makes a computer to run effectively. The first component is the motherboard that forms a perfect platform on which internal electronic components are attached (Miller 67). The motherboard consolidates all the […]

Kinetic Xbox

Executive Summary Kinetic Xbox is a system that uses infrared translates 3D body motion to control video games. Rare and prime sense companies because of technological competition in the Microsoft world introduced the product. Bill Gates and Paul Allen following a series of revolution of innovations founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975 and introduced its second […]

Security of Your Computer

Introduction A computer is an electronic machine that is vulnerable to many risks. The computer ought to be protected from risks such as viruses that may affect their normal functioning. In dealing with computer security, many scientists have come up with different ways of protecting a computer from unauthorized parties. There are many technical areas […]

Computer safety

Computers have pervaded human society in a way never seen before. This was not always the case. In fact, there was a time when computers were a figment of man’s imagination. Starting in the modern age people wanted to build a machine that can handle immense mathematical calculations but for centuries the idea remained a […]