Women Studies Paper Examples

Essential Points to Keep in Mind when Writing Essays On Women Studies

With topics ranging from gender inequality to modern-day representation, there are many interesting essays on Women Studies. However, like with any academic subject, there are some things that are crucial to understand.

When writing your paper, keep in mind that you have to represent different opinions and stances. Think about how you can approach the subject from a new perspective and what literature you can use to help you create a better argument. Doing research beforehand will help you get a better understanding of your topic.

Apart from researching and creating an outline, here are some more crucial moments you should always be aware of when writing on women’s studies research topics:

  • Understand the words you are using, for example, how suffrage is different from feminism. This knowledge will help you avoid needless confusion when writing.
  • Do not forget to explain to your readers the key terms and give them a short overview of the issue you are examining. If your topic is particularly specialized, then think about integrating a subheading that deals with explaining terminology only.
  • Women’s studies essay questions should not undermine women as actors of the process of which they are participants. Remember, that women are subjects of your essay, not its objects.
  • Inequality remains a central theme in many Women’s Studies topics. You should stay both academic and respectful. “Many men sponsored the women’s rights movement” is a valid statement, “Without men, the women’s rights movement was doomed to fail” is a needless one.

The above are some of the main ideas to help you write a good essay. Need more advice? Check essay samples below!

Chinese feminism in the early 20th Century

Introduction Ever since the origination of the concept of feminism, it has gradually grown to become a global process. The equality of women was the issue, remaining keen for many nations for a long time. The issue was promoted through circulation of ideologies and practices, which facilitated the discussions of the human rights based on […]

Gender Politics in Early Modern Russia

Introduction Much has been written about Europe’s political past, however a reader would be surprised to note that there is little literature coverage of women’s political roles during the period. This situation can be attributed to the cultures of this period. During this time, women were used to being ignored in political roles. Women never […]

Women as Hero

Introduction With modern socioeconomic forces behind the movement of people from their native lands to urban areas that contain cultural mixture, major world cities are witnessing an influx of disjointed immigrants who are unable to cope with their new environments. Migrating from one region to another with maximum cultural distance becomes a challenge as the […]

Mary Wollstonecraft’s Achievements in Struggles for Gender Equality

The article highlights struggles which female icons had to go through in the past as they advocated for gender equality. The article highlights Mary Wollstonecraft’s achievements, a British writer who was a strong defender of women’s rights. She was a strong advocate for female emancipation in Britain and other parts of Europe. The article reveals […]

Women and feminism

Introduction Feminism refers to a movement and a set of ideologies aiming at redefining, identifying, and defending the political, economic and social rights of women in society. In particular, the major role of feminists is to advocate for equal chances for women in education and employment. The theory emerged from the imaginations of various women […]

Women, Religion, and Feminism

Introduction Religion is a powerful tool whose practices, beliefs, and traditions influence the way in which people live and relate with each other. Part of the reason why religion enjoys greater influence and power than any other practice worldwide derives from such integral components as the rituals, values and beliefs, sacred texts and scriptures, symbols, […]

What Women Desire Most

During the medieval period, women had social status and a role that was conclusively determined by some influential and powerful church leaders and male theologians. The perception of women grew out of patriarchal interpretations of the holy bible (Wilson 132). This paper discusses what women desired most during the medieval time by providing examples of […]

Indira Gandhi: Autocratic Leader of India

Introduction Indira Gandhi was born of Priyadarshini Nehru in 1917 in Allahabad province of India. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru who was India’s first prime minister. Indira had the chance to enjoy excellent education by going to Somerville College, as well as the Oxford University from where she finalized her college education. Indira […]

Women in Early Christianity

The most fitting word with which to describe the Church Father’s attitude toward women is ambivalence. It is important to note that both men and women were God’s creation. However, the society has perceived women as weak human beings both mind and character. In contrast there are women who have displayed dauntless courage, undertook prodigious […]

The Websites on Transformational And Women Leadership

Introduction The article reviews five Web sites on transformational leadership with reference to women leadership. Burn’s book shows how leadership structures have changed over the years. The writer highlights at fundamental breakthroughs in transformational leadership and leaders who have supported such changes across the world. The book raises global leadership challenges of the 21st century and […]

Women During the Franco Era

Introduction Spain emerged from the Civil War with many economic difficulties and problems. The Civil unrest wiped out foreign exchanges and gold reserves thus affecting the economy. The agricultural and industrial sectors had also become ineffective towards economic growth and sustainability. The war also led to global shortages of raw materials, industrial products, and foodstuffs. […]

Contribution of Women in the Vietnam War

Introduction Women participated in various capacities in the Vietnam War but medical positions took up the largest percentage. Some of them served in hospitals; others were in medical evacuation flights, the Navy through ships and even makeshift medical units. Female military personnel played a large role in saving the lives of many soldiers. These women […]

Chinese Concubines

Introduction For many years, men in different societies have been known to have secret affairs outside their marriages. Although there has never been concrete evidence about the reason this trend has continued over the years, a number of scholars attribute such behavior to the men’s eagerness to conquer and control women. The women who are […]

The Saudi Women movement related to Work

The Saudi Women movement is a feminist revolution in an extremely patriarchal society. The movement gives a platform for women to advocate for their rights, which the society has failed to offer them for a long time. Women have taken it upon themselves to pressure the authorities to recognize their efforts and roles in the […]

African-American Women and the Civil Rights Movement

Without doubt, Paul Hendrickson, Bernice McNair Barnett and Danielle L. McGuire assert that Black women made noteworthy contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. As Barnett (163) notes, Black women were at the forefront of formulating tactics and strategies, initiating protests and securing resources such as communication networks, money and personnel that necessitated the success of […]

Women in World War II

Executive Summary The World War II was fought on a large scale and demanded a lot of resources. At the beginning of the war men dominantly participated in the combat. Women were left to undertake light duties at home. As the war progressed, there was a strain on the resources which were available forcing nations […]

The Adoption of Feminist Doctrine in Canada

Political dissension has taken place in Canada throughout history. Various movements, from liberalism to conservatism through socialism, have practiced this dissent. Although politics in Canada have been male-dominated, women have not been left behind. Radical feminist standardized norms have found their way into state politics under the umbrella of different coalition organizations, including the NAC […]

Feminist Movement in Canada

Since historically men’s position used to be superior to the one of women, feminist ideas have been brewing in the society for quite long. It is possible to claim that in Canada the feminist movement began since the famous statement of Angela Davis reported in 19891. In spite of the fact that the feminism movement […]

First Nations Women

Introduction The First Nations Women in Canada typically refer to females of the indigenous groups in the former British Colombia. In Canada, they are mainly of the aboriginal descendant. The Canadian public disregards the First Nations society, discriminating its members in almost all sectors, with inhumane acts committed against this group while the government remains […]

The women in the New France

Introduction On the year of 1969, the month of June on the 25th a young woman who had gotten married for a year appeared before the sovereign council. The young woman was in her advance stages of pregnancy. The sovereign council was the highest colony in the country of Canada. This young lady by the […]

Powerful Women: Queens, Priestesses, Wealthy Women

In Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, women were respected in different ways because of various reasons. The respect usually depended on woman’s wealth and social status. As Natalie Kampen tells, female personification appeared among the images of gods, barbarians, and soldiers. However, only four images of women were in respect during those times: empresses, female […]

Reintegration of Women Combat Veterans

Introduction Women have never enjoyed their freedoms in society due to barriers put in place by men (Oaxaca 10). Feminist theorists consider ways in which physical differences between men and women are used to show that women should be allocated inferior and degrading activities such as motherhood and secretary. Moreover, women are subjected to stereotypes, […]

Discrimination against black women

The main argument in this article is that white employers use discrimination to make certain claims against black women. This is targeted to provide them with legitimate justifications for their biased and prejudicial actions against women workers. The author highlights that much studies have been conducted concerning racism and sexism and there are documentation of […]

Gender inequality in Algeria

Historically, men have always dominated in both social and private lives of women and Algeria is not any different. Algerian women had to suffer extreme hardships from French colonizers and then their husbands and government. Women have had a deciding role in Algeria gaining its independence from France but this did not change the matter […]

Women Empowerment in Modern Society

Introduction For many centuries, the society has discriminated against women because men’s supremacy overwhelms women in every aspect of life. Cultures and traditions that men have made and maintained across centuries have hindered women from participating equally with men in the modern world. It took centuries of struggles for women to achieve the contemporary status […]

Female leadership: Maria Mahdaly

The Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia have experienced considerable transformation with regard to female leadership over the past few decades. Women within the Gulf region are increasingly influencing their country’s growth in different economic spheres (Thomson & Lloyd, 2011). For instance, women are increasingly assuming leadership roles, and in a bid to motivate growth […]

The Bourgeoisie and the Role of Women in the 19th Century

The development of such a social class as bourgeoisie becomes the characteristic feature of the second part of the nineteenth century. In his work The Age of Empire, 1875-1914, Eric Hobsbawm concentrates on depicting the particular features of the period, accentuating such important details as the bourgeois lifestyle and the progress of feminine liberation. According […]

Mary Whiton Calkins

The above philosopher lived between 1863 and 1930. She was a respected scholar, having beaten all the odds to become the first female to attain the academic credentials that are equivalent to those of men. However, the university did not award her the degree because it was against the academic policy of the institution to […]

Western Women in World War Two

Introduction World War Two had huge impact on the roles and participation of women in western societies. Women were seen as home-makers and nurturers before the war and were discouraged to work. Married women remained at home to perform traditional duties as wives and mothers. These beliefs affected their role in the society and national […]

What Does Feminism Stand For? Who are These Creatures who call themselves Feminists?

A layman views feminism as being focused on women gaining equal rights to men. However, this is a very simplistic way of addressing feminism. In reality, feminism is much more complex and larger than merely describing equality for women (Weisberg 234). Feminist philosophy espouses various hidden as well as non-expressed desires of all the people […]

Full Frontal Feminism – What is Still Preventing Women from Achieving Equality?

One of the key issues addressed by Jessica Valenti in her book “Full Frontal Feminism” is violence against women. The book mainly addresses young women by encouraging them to participate in feminism. Other people that the book speaks to include: young women, young people of color and people who identify as queers. Valenti explains that […]

The Business of Women-

Course Commentary The book entitled The Business of Women: Marriage, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901-51 by Melanie Buddle highlights some of the most important contributions of women to the Canadian business and history. Particularly, the book explores women in business cycles, and how this has generally translated to improvement of business in Canada. […]

Women, Development and Disabilities

Introduction In the recent past, education for women and girls has improved remarkably with attempts of achieving equality and giving women their rights being on the increase. However, women and girls continue to face problems in different parts of the world regarding their rights, gender equality and discrimination on the basis of their gender. Their […]

Women in American Society

Origin of American feminism The abolitionism ideology, that all human beings have the moral authority of control over their bodies roots the origin of the feminism in America in 1830s. “Abolitionism was a movement formed to ensure the bringing of slavery to a dead end” (Linder 5). During the movement, women participated and enormously played […]

Female struggle in Union Movements

Introduction This essay recapitulates the main thesis from the writings on union revitalization and disputes that involvement of women management, a topic of far-reaching debate in feminist scrutiny of trade unification, is rewarded partial contemplation in discussions on labor pressure group renaissance. In malevolence of several existence of feminist discourse on women’s organizing as a […]

Women’s Role in Contemporary Korea

Traditionally, a Korean woman duties and responsibilities were supposed to be based on the household compound. When they were young in their teenage, they were taught behaviours of inferiority, and how to be patience, as a way of preparing them for the future women roles (Pok 102). Women were not supposed to participate in various […]

Mad and Depressed Women in America

Introduction Historic role of women. Women had different roles in the American history becoming less powerful or more independent while female roles in the domain of health care changed dramatically with the shifting roles in society. As women gave birth to a child, they had to carry out this very function as well as women […]

Minority Groups Issue in Modern World

Introduction Minority groups have always been part of every society. In any given society, there are those people who are considered weak or lesser by virtue of one aspect or another most of which are natural. Women have for a long time considered as minority groups in many societies; always taking the second place after […]