Medical Ethics Paper Examples

Ethical Issues on Human Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning

Introduction Cloning is the process of producing one or more individual animals or plants, whole or in part, that are genetically similar to the original one. Various types of cloning can be undertaken on plants or animals. Human cloning can either be reproductive or therapeutic. Human reproductive cloning, sometimes known as DNA cloning, theoretically involves […]

Ethics in the American Hospitality Industry

Abstract Ethical challenges have of late been a big issue in the business community. Despite many initiatives in the business world, the issue of ethics has prominently featured. This dissertation focuses on the role of enhancing ethics in employees’ job satisfaction in the American hospitality industry. This research met its aims of assessing the prescription […]

Ethical Aspects of Neural Prostheses

Introduction The use of neural prostheses in clinical settings to aid in the repair of the nervous system is increasingly being practiced. These neural prostheses interact directly with the nervous system, facilitating the restoration of neural function damaged by injuries and disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The loss of neuronal motor signal frequently causes partial […]

“Perception and attitude of pregnant women in a rural community north-west Nigeria to female genital mutilation” by Ashimi and Amole

Review and critique of the piece The authors of the article forming the basis of this review are Adewade O. Ashimi and Taiwo G. Amole. The title of their article is, “perception and attitude of pregnant women in a rural community in north-west Nigeria to female genital mutilation” (Ashimi & Amole, 2014). The article talked […]

Legalizing Euthanasia

Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide is currently a topic of international debate, especially in the United States of America where different human rights groups, enthusiasts, medical practitioners and the legislature are concerned with the problem of legalization or illegalization of the practice. The are supporters of the idea that only God has the right to take […]

Code of Ethics for Mental Health Professions

Codes of ethics define responsibilities in professional practices. Different professions have specific codes of ethics founded on the duties of the employees, engagements with clients, and professional standards. In the mental health profession, codes of ethics mainly address professional responsibilities, handling of clients, storage of clients’ information, and the relationships that should exist between the […]

Public Health Ethics

Ethics refer to the formulated regulations and values adopted by a community and accepted as the expected code of conduct (Bayer 2007, p.7). Morality should not be mistaken for ethics, as it is itself a part of ethics. Public health ethics is the code of conduct that is accepted as the proper guide for professionals […]

Ambiguous Sex

Even without the socialization process, it is arguably possible for a female to be born in a male body and vice versa as indicated by Dreger (2009) On a biological perspective however, a third angle into the sex and gender debate is introduced through the term biological sex. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) […]

Privacy in Genetic testing

Definition Not only is privacy definition absent in the legislation that controls and amends an individual privacy privilege but also in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982). Nevertheless, privacy is a basic human right. It is a significant factor of a democratic society; it is ‘at the heart […]


New York Times Different people view end of life and euthanasia which may also be termed so mercy killing differently depending on various kinds of environment that surround individuals. For instance, the kind of set up that an individual has grown up in, the kind of religion an individual professes, the personality of an individual […]

Relationship Between Doctors and Pharmaceutical Industries

Introduction The relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical industries is prone to conflicts. An analysis of their relationship reveals that doctors are likely to compromise ethics in their profession because of being influence by pharmaceutical companies. Influence of Doctors by Pharmaceutical Industry According to Paul A. Komesaroff, a director and Ethics Convener at the Royal Australasian […]

Medical Ethics: Case of Jane and Phyllis

The Philosophical Approach to Be Used For the Case The philosophical approach that seems to be appropriate for this case is Consequentialism/utilitarianism theory. This philosophical approach is concerned mainly with the outcomes of a particular action as the basis for judging whether the action is right or wrong. The consequentialist theory holds that the moral […]

Historical Development of Health Care Ethics Methods

Introduction Medical ethics is an area that has aroused enthusiasm and controversy in terms of investigation and finding a position in society. In raising and sustaining interest, medical ethics continue to draw more considerable attention in terms of research and inquiry. On the other hand, controversy has been ignited to a standstill in classifying medical […]

Argument for Euthanasia

Mankind has always struggled to deal with numerous illnesses that have been in existence at different periods of time. Different treatment alternatives have been employed ranging from those by traditional medicine men to the modern scientific methods. All these efforts have been motivated by the desire to remain alive for as long as one can […]

Nursing Code of Ethics

Introduction Nursing practice is guided by a set of code of ethics which constitutes an essential part of the profession. For a long time now, nursing practice has integrated the concern for the welfare of patients and the vulnerable population as well as for social justice. From a functional perspective, nurses work towards the normalization […]

Teamwork and communication errors in healthcare

Introduction This paper states that medical errors have a number of underlying causes, including the fallibility of medical personnel, uncertainty of medical knowledge and imperfection of organizational systems, and pays special attention to the negative outcomes of communication errors in healthcare, pointing at bypassing the traditional disciplinary and hierarchical boundaries as the measures which are […]

“On Moral Medicine: Theological Perspective in Medical Ethics” by Stephen Lammers and Allen Verhey

Introduction Without any doubts, ethics play a very important role in any sphere of life. For example, medical ethics is a type of study that helps to analyze and comprehend moral values applied to medicine. Medical ethics may be compared with bioethics from time to time. This is why it is necessary to recognize their […]

Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Introduction Since the first successful organ transplants in the 1960s, the debate on the ethical and legal worthiness of the practice and its commercialization has increased, with various individuals, groups and parties presenting different views for an against the practice. As biotechnology and medical technologies improve and increase in the efficiency of transplant, the demand […]

Professional Communication with General Practitioner GP

Effective communication is necessary if efficiency in the provision of healthcare services is to be attained. Nevertheless, effective communication is hampered by the fact that healthcare professionals work autonomously. To address this and other communication barriers, demonstration of certain communication skills is required for every healthcare professional. The acquisition of these skills is necessitated by […]

Ambiguous Sex: Medical Practices and Surgeries Carried Out on Intersexual Individuals

Introduction Ambiguous sex is a biological phenomenon where an individual bares an intermediate characteristic between male and female. It can also be congenital; referring to chromosomal aberration, genital ambiguity or sexual developmental dysfunctions. The intersex individuals do not have a definite sexual orientation and may assume intermediate sex between male and female both physically and […]

Medical Ethics Violation

Introduction In the past, medical ethics has been centered on the doctor, the patient, and the doctor- patient affiliation. Nevertheless, in the contemporary setting, most care happens in organizational backgrounds; for instance, group practices among others. Medical cultures and strategies influence the care given to patients as well as decorum in the sector, either positively […]

Morality of Euthanasia

Those who do not advocate for euthanasia frequently pose the debate that it would be recommended to allow a patient in a vegetative state to die rather than to actively take them out of life. Morally, physicians are allowed to voluntarily cut off patients’ drinking, eating and drugs taking or sedating the patient and leaving […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Euthanasia in Modern Society

One of the most peculiar aspects of a post-industrial living is that, as time goes on, a number of religion-based moral dogmas are being exposed conceptually fallacious. The validity of this statement can be well illustrated in regards to an ongoing debate on whether the practice of euthanasia should attain a fully legitimate medicinal status […]

Against Animal Testing: Why It Is Still Being Used if So Many People Are Against

Introduction People start using animals for various purposes in prehistoric times. The development of humanity gradually led to more sophisticated forms of such use. Eventually animals are used to test numerous substances which are developed for human use. However, the twentieth century was the epoch of rising activism which also touched the sphere of animal […]

Is Euthanasia a Morally Wrong Choice for Terminal Patients?

Abstract Making decisions on whether to end the life of terminally ill patients is shrouded in controversies and disagreements, and is seen as an unethical act. This paper attempts to make arguments in support of euthanasia as an alternative form of healthcare for terminally ill patients whose quality of life is significantly reduced due to […]

Health Care Ethics

Medical facilities are expected to offer high quality, reliable, and affordable medical care services; to attain this noble objective the personnel should uphold ethical behavior when conducting their day to day operations. When professionalism is not adhered to, there are chances of conflict of interest that injures the entire medical care provision system (Cleverly & […]

Disclosure of physician’s information

Introduction Consumers of health care have triumph in a tussle that followed the debate whether the physician’s performance should be rated by patients. At the initial stages there were spirited protests by the physicians but following institutionalization of legislations that allows the general public easy access to information about physicians like their disciplinary records, and […]

Testing On Animals

Animal testing is described as a procedure involving vivisection and/or In vivo testing of animals for experimentation or research. In the pursuit of what is known as scientific progress, animals have fallen victims of distress in the process. Throughout history, human has employed animals in carrying out various activities as beasts of burden, for companionship […]

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Introduction The Tuskegee syphilis study is the infamous clinical study of African Americans who had infections of syphilis in Tuskegee, Alabama. The United States Public Health Service conducted the research in conjunction with the Alabama State Board of Health for a period of four decades, from1932 to1972. The clinical study consisted of 600 African Americans […]

Ethical Issues in the Health Sector

Introduction Research is a very important function in improving health standards. This is because it helps in providing new knowledge that is used in the development of innovative ways of treating diseases. Behavioural research particularly helps in studying the behaviour of patients as well as medical practitioners. As such, new effective methods of handling patients […]