Public Relations Paper Examples

Apple and Samsung Companies Virtual Public Relations

Virtual public relation is gaining popularity among large multinational corporations as they seek to improve their communication strategies at reduced costs. Most of these multinational corporations are under pressure to improve on their public relations to manage their customers adequately. However, hiring employees in the public relations department can be very costly, especially if it […]

Changes in Media and Technology Affect Relationships Between Brands and Consumers

Introduction In the 21st century, we have witnessed enormous changes in technology and media. Technology has acted as a springboard for the media to interact with the large audience. The media has also changed from the traditional means of relaying information and data to the modern methods like the use of social media and the […]

Solving ethical dilemmas in public relations

Introduction The profession of public relations involves the control and dissemination of information in a corporate setting. It also involves control of information to the public from individuals or a company. The main objective behind this profession is to ensure that the public maintains a certain image of an individual or company’s products, governance, or […]

Forms and Examples of Information Warfare

Information warfare is the manipulation of information to fulfill a military or political agenda. Gathering information and using it to weaken the opponent is the main reason behind the prevailing use of different types of information warfare tactics. Disinformation and propaganda are the two main forms of information warfare. Most of these forms gained considerable […]

Marsupial CRS Project

Description of the Company Mission Statement The mission of the Marsupial Company is to become the leading provider of consultation and engineering services in the world. The company has very effective manpower and other resources to ensure that it operates according to its mission and vision. Goals and Values of the Company Marsupial’s goals and […]

Bloggers’ Influence on Customers’ Intention to Purchase

Introduction The previous research sought to explore the influence of bloggers’ reviews on consumers’ decision to purchase a particular commodity or service. The literature review revealed the existing knowledge concerning whether bloggers had any influence on consumers’ purchasing decision or not. Thus, the three hypotheses of the research sought to address the existing gaps to […]

Bloggers’ Influence on Customers’ Intention to Purchase Study Books Used in Class

Introduction The internet is one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th and 21st century. Since its invention and introduction into the public domain, it has found application in numerous spheres of people’s lives of which the most important influences have been on the communication, sharing, and acquiring knowledge. In the consumer market, the […]

The National Crime Victims Right Movement Media Strategy

Introduction The National Crime Victims Right Movement is one of the non-profit making organisations that address human rights worldwide. The programme focuses on formulating solutions to challenges facing various victims of crime in Australia. Besides, it seeks to create and intensify the awareness of various issues that affect the victims of criminal activities. The movement […]

Samsung Advertising its Brand Using Pancakes During the Pancake Day

Situation Analysis February 17, 2015 was the World Pancake Day, and thus a number of organizations took the day to advertise their brands. However, Samsung carried the day. The campaign aimed at familiarizing its customers with different brands because hostility on any product could be converted into sympathy. The self-doubters would accept the company and […]

“Through the Looking Glass”

Summary of the Class Readings The first article “Through the Looking Glass” supports the use of effective communication after a crisis. The SCCT model offers useful guidelines that can manage the manner in which different organizations respond to crises. According to this article, the diminish strategy can minimize an organization’s association with different crises. The […]

Mass Media and Activist Groups

Introduction The mass media is a powerful component for social movements. Getting good media coverage strongly affects the way different social events are identified in the public eye. The comprehensive media coverage also makes messages stronger. The media devotes attention to, for example, a social movement because they think the event will make interesting news. […]

Public Service Broadcasting in America

Public Service Broadcasting is a broadcasting program meant for the public, financed from public funds and commercial undertakings. Companies that offer broadcasting services of this nature are mostly state owned or non-profit organizations. Public broadcasting is mostly employed by governments for educative reasons, quality programming and informative purposes, which is not always the case in […]

The Use of Gamification to Improve the Internal Communication

The Use of Gamification to Improve the Internal Communication between Nationals and Expatriates in the Private Sector Companies of Dubai Introduction The improvement of internal communication between representatives of different cultures is a challenging task to address by managers. In Dubai, the percentage of expatriates working in the private companies is extremely high (Srimannarayana & […]

Communication Channel Scenarios

Introduction There are many communication channels that managers can use when conveying vital business messages. However, the effectiveness of a particular channel is determined by the level of authority, type of information, urgency of information, the number of recipients among other factors. This paper focuses on three scenarios in which the managers are expected to […]

Internal Campaign Planning for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Situation Analysis In Japan, there are more than seven million people with disabilities. Most of these people face discrimination when it comes to job recruitment due to the attitudes of most employers towards persons with disabilities. So as to address the situation, the government came up with the disabilities act. The key mandate of the […]

Public Relations Theory And Campaign

Introduction Newlandia education foundation Newlandia education foundation (NEF) was established in the 1900 as a charitable organization, with support from Newlandia government. Since then, this organization still relies on donation from the public to ensure its survival. It is located in the south region of Newlandia Island where schools are faced with inadequate resources such […]

Crisis Management: Overdose of Premature Babies in Indianapolis, Indiana

Introduction All organizations face crisis of different natures and scales at one time or another and how the organizations responds to the crisis may well determine its future success or failure. Devlin (2006) states that it is the responsibility of an organization through its public relations office to ensure that the organization recovers gracefully from […]

Public Relations and Relationship Marketing in Business Organisations

Introduction Forces defining business practices in the world have undergone drastic changes in the recent past. One of the factors behind this dynamism is the change in the means of communication, the rate of dissemination of information and the advancement of technology. These factors have made it possible for people all over the world to […]

Discussion on Grunig and Hunt’s Public Relations Model

Introduction Grunig& Hunt (1984) established four models of public relations (PR) that are widely used today. The ‘Four Models of Public Relations’ include: press agency/publicist, public information, two-way asymmetrical and two-way symmetric. These theories were drawn from the systems theory and were based on the authors’ view of organization and management practice. Their approach to […]

Raising Public Awareness And Reputation: A Pr Campaign Proposal For Nef

Executive Summary This is a PR campaign proposal prepared by Pacific PR group to Newlandia Educational Foundation. This campaign is geared towards getting third-party news coverage for NEF. This will in turn raising its profile to the people of Newlandia. To achieve the stated aim, this campaign clearly identified and described systematic sets of PR […]

Public Relations Campaign Strategy: Newlandia Education Foundation

Executive Summary This proposal identifies NEF public relations needs and recommend that a four-month communication campaign strategy will enhance awareness opportunities for NEF. NEF enjoys poor public recognition and awareness and without proper public relations corrective measures, NEF funding and donations activities may remain poor and inadequate. Therefore, this communication campaign strategy aims at enabling […]

Propaganda, Persuasion and Public Relations

Propaganda is a method of communication which is used to influence the attitudes of specific groups of individuals towards a particular cause or position (Propaganda, 2010). In essence, instead of a sense of impartiality propaganda actually presents information in such a way so as to influence an audience through selective dissemination of information in order […]

Smoky SiliCarb, Inc.

BeausĂ©jour City Council Hearing against Smoky SiliCarb Inc.: Pollution Issue Sept 14, 2012, Toronto – 15:27, NORTHERN QUEBEC, BEAUSÉJOUR – Smoky SiliCarb, Inc. remains under pressure as it is unable to cope with the emissions. Being one of the largest carborundum plants in BeausĂ©jour, Northern Quebec, it spends millions of dollars on improving the ecological […]

Public relations and sales promotion

Introduction Sales promotion is a type of product marketing strategy aimed at boosting sales through attracting traffic, introducing a new product and influencing the purchase of a product. Public relations serve to enhance the image of the company to the public i.e., the community. The objective of this assignment is to investigate how different industries […]

Relationship Between Public Relations And Crisis Management

Introduction In the course of their operation, organizations in different economic sectors experience crisis emanating from various sources. Some of aspects that can lead to organizations experiencing crisis includes global economic recession, regulatory investigations by relevant authorities, occurrence of employee disputes and hostile takeover attempts. Crisis can adversely affect organizations’ performance and hence their long […]

Crisis Management

Introduction Crisis is a symbol of an important business interruption that motivates the widespread coverage of mass-media news. The administration of crisis should be put in place to guarantee the well-being of an organization. This ought to be done by the Public Relations department whose starring role in crisis management must be clearly elaborated (Regester […]

Media Ethics & Law – Free Expression

Introduction Notably, the current global developments are influenced by the aspects of communication, partnerships, and information distribution. Contextually, free expression/speech can be defined as an individual’s right to communicate his or her ideologies devoid of any legal, political, or social hindrance. For example, In Saudi Arabia, freedom of speech is under the protection of Shariah […]

Scandal in Burson-Marstelle Firm

Introduction Burson-Marsteller is a public relations firm. This is a giant American company that won the best public relations company award. The firm is an experienced and respected organization that has won many other accolades and received major contracts. The issue about the public relations company Burson-Marsteller (B-M) turned out to scandalous because it brought […]

Crisis Communication in Asian Cultures

Abstract Crises communications vary from culture to culture. Most organisations have various methods of managing crises. Crisis communications can build or damage reputations of organisations depending on how crises communication teams handle crises. The Asian culture of handling communication varies from country to country. There are those Asian countries that have handled their crises poorly. […]

Public Relations

Abstract International events bring many people from different regions together. When organizing internationals events, organizers should have competence skills so that they can be able to make such events successful and enable the customers to appreciate the products. During preparation of internationals events, public relations and relationship marketing skills play a major role in ensuring […]