The Protracted Sri Lankan Refugee Situation in India: Challenges and Possible Solutions

There is a lot of talk about refugees and what to do with them until they actually show up and upset the social harmony that existed before they arrived. There are a lot of people, government agencies perhaps and international organizations that speak well of the need to help refugees, but at the heart of […]

Corruption in Russia

Introduction As Boylan (1-2) argues, corruption is one of the prime causes of Russia’s political, economic and, social problems, because of the rampant involvement of most government officials in corruption. As he further adds, although the government has put down measures to contain the practice, for example, the adoption of the 1997 anti-graft legislation, such […]

Islam Relationships with the West

Introduction Islam is one of the major religious groups spread all over the world. Just like most religious groups derive their principles from holy books, Islam also follow their principles as enshrined in their holy book, which is known as the Qur’an. The devotees of this holy book deem it the word of Allah. Moreover, […]

How has change in ship technology affected international politics?

Introduction Technology has been regarded as a major source of social, economic and political change, and in almost every instance, it has been regarded as the master variable that has the potential to explain almost everything. For instance, technology has played key role in economics through being responsible to the process of opening up opportunities […]

Nationalist ideologies

Nationalism is an ideology, which strives to create and sustain a nation based on commonalities of a given government, nation or territory. According to nationalism, the perpetuation of identity values, the self-determination of all subjects, the well-being, and the splendor of an individual’s nation are its principle values. The dominance of global politics and values […]

Extent to which the UN can shape order and ensure justice in world politics

Introduction An international body like the United Nations has an enormous task with regard to shaping order and justice in world politics. It must balance problems emanating from the actual conceptions of justice and order; it must deal with the needs of these stakeholders and must also look for ways of overcoming its limitations and […]