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Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

Resume of Max Weber’s Politics as a Vacation

Max Weber, the author of the essay under consideration, admits that the ethos of politics should be considered as a cause and tries to explain what calling politics may fulfil "quite independently of its goals [...]

Terror and Terrorism

The point is that the meaning of terror is not the same of terrorism, so, it is necessary to find out the difference that lies between terror and terrorism, analyze the reasons of terrorism, and [...]

Policy Brief: Why Marijuana use should be legalized in the US

In this perspective, it is valid to argue that marijuana users may be undergoing long incarcerations in US jails due to the misconceived fantasies that took root in the public mind in the 1930's, and [...]

Citizen participation in e-governance

The process of information gathering and convey is lessen through the electronic transfers and the government has a cost marginal gain, while the citizens have the ability to voice their concerns over governance styles and [...]

United States of America versus Canada Medical systems

United States of America is under intense siege from both its citizens and healthcare providers to adopt a new medical system that is affordable and acceptable by all. On the other hand, administration of healthcare [...]

Health Policy in Chad

The effect of government exception in this process is that there would be no one to safeguard the interest of the people.

John Lennon’s Imagine and Marxism

At the same time, the following question will be answered: 1) Why has this song become so popular and why does it have a great appeal on listeners; 2) Is it possible to build and [...]

Understanding Dalton’s Idea

In the book, Russell provides some of the important discussions that can help the reader understand the role of youths in the modern politics.

Economic Sanctions Against Iran

I strongly believe that economic sanctions of the USA and the European Union against Iran will not be effective in changing its behavior with regard to its nuclear weapon program.

Modernization and Democracy

This aspect and the time lag factor concerning the onset of the process of modernization have led to the cold reception of democratic transformation in some countries.

Modernization and Its Correlation With Democracy

The thesis statement In order to understand modernization-democracy link, the advantages and disadvantages concerning the issues' interdependence, it is necessary to analyze the reasons of the processes of modernization and the ways they transformed democratic [...]

Policy Analysis and Ethics

Kingdon simplified the art of public policy making into four stages: The setting of the agenda; the specification of alternatives from which a choice is to be made; an authoritative choice among those specified alternatives, [...]

The Six Major Functions of the Government

The government operates the system of courts and laws which make all mature citizens equal under the law and gives the citizens equal opportunities to achieve a just settlement of their civil disputes. The government [...]

Comparative Ideologies

The ideologies are important as they shape the political, social and economic structures that are important in governance. Liberalists are in support of opening the markets and leaving the market forces determine how the market [...]

Chad Vs Libya Territorial Dispute Of the Aouzo Strip

Libya on the other claimed title not only to the strip but also to significance amounts of territory south of it, based on variety of assertions including the invalidity of the 1955 treaty which France [...]

The Paradox of American Government

The unresponsiveness of the government institutions to the public demands highly affects on the citizen participation and voter participation. As a result, if the government fails to listen to their demands, the public is bound [...]

Political Liberalism Ideology and the U.S. Politics

Rather, it is the establishment of a particular form of political stratification and liberal procedures. Instead, they should be founded on an ethos of belief which according to Schmitt is the foundational basis of all [...]

Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism: Examples and Facts

In libertarianism, the libertarians' perceives the government as the one that threatens peoples' rights. It is not suitable for the government to dictate the life of an individual.

Political Economy and Culture in Japan

A strong work ethic and management culture in the commerce and manufacturing industry has ensured the prosperity of the Japanese economy. A good example of the interaction of political economics and culture is the case [...]

A PPP Framework for Public Housing in China

Besides, a PPP framework avails the skills, talents, and the capacity of private companies to the needs of the public. Although there is a slight participation of the private sector in government projects for public [...]

Difference between UK, USA and Australia

There is usually a lot of confusion when finding out the difference between the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

UAE Country Profile Analysis

The UAE is one of the most lucrative countries to invest in owing to its favorable economic policies and strong infrastructural framework.

Case for political risk

This emanates from the fact that firms in the pharmaceutical industry have to carry out intensive activities in the manufacture, as well as marketing of drugs.

Libyan Conflict Involvement

A leader of a member country of NATO would consider the following before participating in the Libyan conflict. A leader in addition must have a dream, obligation and energy to ensure that the dream is [...]

Stephen Benjamin and his vision

In the wake of his campaign, Mayor Benjamin had expressed concern that public safety should be a priority in the City's budget.

Debates on Death Penalty in the United States

The first documented death penalty was of George Kendall who was a captain and was executed by a firing squad in the first decade of the 17th century.

Obama’s Speech on The Issue of Gun Control

In the case of the speech "Obama on Gun Control" this takes the form of the President attempting to convince the American public of the righteousness of his cause on the basis of the image [...]

Characteristics of a Good Leader

While pursuing diplomacy, the leader will be required to be a sensitive negotiator; while consoling victims of a disaster, the leader will need to show empathy and comfort; when dealing with state enemies, the leader [...]

Separate but Equal

In particular, it is necessary to analyze this work in terms of ethos, pathos, and logos and the way in which King balances these three appeals in order to convince the readers.

The State of the Union Address

The US debt affects the economy of the nation and he was loud and clear on his wishes to reduce it.

Summary of the article “National Defense Spending”

The author of the thesis is a concerned writer who wonders why the United States government continues to spend money on war carriages that they do not need. The author argues overwhelmingly that the current [...]

The Causes, Characteristics, and Aims of Revolutions

The declaration of the rights of French citizens in the document known as The Declaration of The Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which served as a liberty guide for the masses engaged in [...]

The dispute about the Persian Gulf name

From the point of view of the Iranians, the changing of the name from 'Persian Gulf' to 'Arabian Gulf' is a threat to their rights and sovereignty.

Democrat or Republican

This is an indication that the Democrats have the interest of the people at heart as opposed to the leaders of the Republican Party.

UAE-Afghanistan Foreign Relations

With regards to Afghanistan, the UAE has positively and immensely contributed to the international efforts of stabilizing Afghanistan and supporting the efforts to have a peaceful Afghanistan.

Raza Unida Party Book

The writer documents in this book his involvement in the establishment of the La Raza Unida Party in the California state of the United States of America. The book highlights the political happenings in the [...]

“Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows

The basic models presented in this chapter illustrate the central of the book, i.e.complex system behavior is influenced by the system elements and to a large extent, the interrelationships, or interactions between these systems elements [...]

The Current African Crisis

The State structures of African countries as well as their association with the developed countries are the major causes of the African crises.

UAE-Afghanistan Foreign Relations

It is also vital to note that the diplomatic relations between the two states have existed for the last two decades whereby the UAE under the guidance of its foreign policy has provided grants and [...]

The Overview of US-KSA Economic Relations in 1970-2000

The interests of the US in the MENA region have been furthered through Saudi Arabia. The US encouraged Saudi Arabia to arm itself after the Iranian revolution, which was viewed as a threat to the [...]

Social Class and Alienation

On the other hand, the proletariats are the workers, owners of labor and they are the majority in numbers but are powerless since they are oppressed and exploited by the rich and they always lose [...]

Peoples Vision of Saudi Arabia

The purpose of the interviews was to determine the perception of people on Saudi Arabia. The word of the people is stronger than the word of a single representative of the government.

Report About New Jersey Governance and Management

The state government of New Jersey is composed of "the legislature, the executive, and the judicial". The local government of New Jersey is organized into "the county, the municipality, the school district, and the special [...]

FOIA and the Privatization of Government

Many of the commentators who are for the private corporations being subject to FOIA regulations argue that although the letter of the law does not obligate the private corporations to divulge their information, the spirit [...]

Affordable coverage for elderly Americans

If there is need of improvement in insurance coverage and expansion in health care affordability for the elderly persons, definitely the main efficient and effective strategy is comprehensive health policy, surrounding not merely individual market [...]

The Reproductive Policy and Its Impact on American Women

In the United States, there have been a number of health policies targeting largely the women. The federal government is not ready to splash millions of dollars to facilitate contraception but rather encourages sexual education [...]

The Voting Rights Act

The aim of the law was to outlaw malpractices in the voting process, which included acts such as the availability of literacy tests to provide restrictions to black voters during the voting process.

Leila Ahmed’ A Border Passage

This is mainly because of the current upheaval in her country as a result of the revolution and her father's refusal to support some of the proposed projects.

Alcohol: Should the US Lower the Drinking Age to 18?

Personality traits are also to be analyzed, as there is an opinion that anti-social traits, lack of self-confidence are recognized to be the causes, which lead to alcohol addiction.

Summer Food Bid Rigging

The information that is relevant in this case shall include: The identities of the executive officers and the firms the work in.

Ponzi Scheme by Bernie Madoff

Bines and other two firms were involved in selling unregistered securities to people and this was in violation to section 5 of the securities Act of 1933, this was a similar case to that of [...]

Voting Challenges in 2012

The overall outcome of these laws has made it difficult for individuals to register as voter and vote in general. As a result, it will be true to conclude that these new laws will deter [...]

Concept of the International Alliances in Modern World

Because of these challenges, the citizens and the government of Afghanistan together with other countries made a commitment to make the necessary changes in order to rebuild Afghanistan State with the help of US government [...]

The Republic Concept

Distrust in United States government is not mainly from a small segment of people mainly the poor as many people think because from the research conducted we can see that Americans have very little trust [...]

Does Decline of Social Capital Matter?

There are a number of causes of decline in civic participation and voter turnout, these include: escalating costs involved in joining a network; effects of television viewership; entry of women in the workforce; absence of [...]

Should College Tuition Be Free? – University Education

In the view of compromised quality of education, tuition fee should not be free. Thus, tuition fee should not be free because the fee contributes significantly to the development of educational facilities and saves the [...]

History of the Egypt Revolution in 2011

The government argued that these laws were meant to avoid the threat of terrorism in the country. The government officials who tried to fight corruption in the government were accused of fraud and harassed.

Don’t ask don’t tell

This included the president with the defense secretary and the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff certifying in writing that they have reviewed the pentagon's report on consequences of repealing the do not ask do [...]

The Complexity of International Relations

After the Second World War, there still existed some differences between the European nations on the way forward to settlement and these disparities were the ones that brought to the fore and set the context [...]

Complex Emergencies and the Crisis of Developmentalism

The declining development of the third worlds despite the fact that such countries are the recipients of aids in large quantities should be used as the main indication of how relief is not a long [...]

The changing nature of US in the global political economy

The dominance of the United States of America in the global economy and its ability to dictate the rules of international trade has been threatened by the emergence of china as a rising world power.

Leadership in a Political Sphere

Further indications of a lack of leadership stems from the fact that there is a lack of clarity on the role of the joint operation against Gaddaffi, how the mission will be fulfilled, and when [...]

Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan

Before the onset of British troops to enforce the stamp laws made by the parliament, almost the entire of Boston group remained headed by sons of liberty with Adams as the head.

Capital Punishment in Political View

This is because quiet a number of the abolitions have been associated with democratic developments in political systems of the countries that have abolished the penalties. Conservatives have in the United States been strongly opposed [...]

Anthony Weiner’ Hacked Twitter Account

In addition, with the help of the authorities, the congressman should, ascertain if there is the possibility of a hidden motive behind the allegations of the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Policies to Minimize Negative Externalities

Information is power and the moment consumers are aware of the benefits of environmental conservation, they will always act in favor of the environment and on the side that will benefit them as a community.

The Relationship Between Britain and the US – Is It Special?

Over and above the shared ideologies, the special relationship has also been shaped by the personal relationship between the British Prime Minister and the president of the United States of the America.

Political Environment Case: Inmate Programs Issue

As the director of the prison, I am charged with the responsibility of the prison's management and providing information to the governor and the department of corrections. Response to the governor will require accurate information [...]

The healthcare reform debate

A group of health policy experts, health insurance executives, business leaders, economists, hospital administrators among other experts held several workshops to discuss health care reforms in a forum known as the Fresh-thinking Project and came [...]

US History of US health care

A precursor to future health care insurance schemes in America was Blue Cross which was the first innovation that changed the shape of the health care system in America.

Profession of Arms

During this time, the army has lost some of its tradition and skills; factors that used to make the army to be effective and efficient in its operations.

Public Involvement and Community Development in Australia

The success of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is attributed to the fact that it "considers the needs, aspirations and requirements of the Aboriginal People of the Shire of Broome in relation to town [...]

Political Reformation in the Arab World

The current chaotic nature of these countries is because of political reformists that have sensitized the large mass of citizens about the significance of moving from dictatorial-type of ruling to democratic-type of governance.

Rumble in the Jungle

The guerilla movement does not show any sign of ending its "torture", and its injustice to the government and the people of Colombia.

Concept and Role of the Government Agencies

Even though agencies are not expressly mentioned in the US constitution, most of the independent agencies created are technically under the executive arm of the government with the few spread in the legislature.

Hiram Rhodes Revels

After some training in the seminary, he was ordained as a pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Indiana in 1845 where he served till 1849 when he was elected as an elder during [...]

Classical Liberalism Concepts

These philosophers also believed that the right to own, profit from, and dispose of private property rather than living as serfs, tied to the land without owning it, would contribute to the health and wealth [...]

Democracy and Its Types

Democracy is type of political administration in which the governing individuals of a country are voted in by the people. On the other hand, the semi direct democracy is a type of democracy which contains [...]

Modern Federalism

Development and evolution of democracy over the centuries has been focusing on devolution of central powers of government to increase independence of the local states.

Major Political Parties

In the United States, the two major political parties are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The third parties in the US are several and the three major third parties include constitution Party, Green [...]

Public Policy and Hurricane Katrina

Two days before the disaster, the president had declared a state of emergency in several regions such as Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama The government responded to the hurricane by use of several agencies.

What True Majority Democracy Is About?

However, in a democratic society, the fear stems from the fact that the majority use their power to suppress the freedoms and rights of the minority.

Imperialism and Globalization

In spite of the fact that Haiti is already past the threatening state of affairs that it experienced at the times of imperialism, it still survives the aftereffects left by the reign of the latter.

Acceptance of Death Penalty in the United States

The efficiency of the penalty ought to depend much on the type of the felony committed as well as the psychological state of those who commit it.

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards

It is remarkable that Donna involved herself in the demonstration against genocide in Darfur, outer surface of the Sudan Embassy where they were protesting against the refusal to offer humanitarian aid to the victims.

What is the government’s involvement?

Individuals, in America and elsewhere should cultivate a saving culture in order that when the appropriate time comes, then one can easily purchase the home of their choice.

Cons of having Nuclear Weapons

Many countries that own nuclear weapons are always researching and improving their nuclear weapons because they are seen as a source of national pride. To begin with, the nuclear power is a source of dangerous [...]

Bill Clinton’s foreign policies

As the president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton promised the Americans that he would be "the most ethical administrator ever seen in the history of the nation".

Gambling should be illegal

Furthermore, gambling leads to lowering reputation of the city in question as a result of the crimes associated. The government is forced to spend a lot of money in controlling crime and rehabilitating addicted gamblers.

Developing a Global Biodiesel Industry

Those opposed to the biodiesel implementation hold that it may lead to food shortage, as it will mean the direction of much acreage of lands towards the production of the fuel. One of the parties [...]

Sponsorship Scandal

The Government of Canada in this awareness program had the motive of countering the rising endeavors of the province's government in promoting independence of the region.

Interpol versus Federal Bureau of investigation

Interpol provides secure services of police communication worldwide; the basis of effectual global law enforcement is the capability of exchanging crucial data fast and in a secure way resulting to the development of a round [...]

Wisconsin Senate to Vote on Anti-Union Bill

The bill introduced a week earlier by Governor Scott Walker, passed through the Legislative budget committee amid opposition from the Democrats committee members and now the bill is destined for voting in the Assembly and [...]

Least Developed Countries

In general, the colonial past has left the trace of ethnic hostility between ethnic groups and has contributed to the development of chauvinistic ideology.

US National Security and Foreign Policy

S foreign policy on National Security and whether the implications that can be drawn from the John Quincy statement are consistent with the demands of U.

Federalism Evolving

Madison alone wrote over 20 articles on the subject and helped in the development and ratification of the US constitution and the 39th article as well as Federalist 51 is regarded as the most indicative [...]
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