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Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

Capital Punishment in Political View

This is because quiet a number of the abolitions have been associated with democratic developments in political systems of the countries that have abolished the penalties. Conservatives have in the United States been strongly opposed [...]

Anthony Weiner’ Hacked Twitter Account

In addition, with the help of the authorities, the congressman should, ascertain if there is the possibility of a hidden motive behind the allegations of the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Policies to Minimize Negative Externalities

Information is power and the moment consumers are aware of the benefits of environmental conservation, they will always act in favor of the environment and on the side that will benefit them as a community.

Political Environment Case: Inmate Programs Issue

As the director of the prison, I am charged with the responsibility of the prison's management and providing information to the governor and the department of corrections. Response to the governor will require accurate information [...]

The healthcare reform debate

A group of health policy experts, health insurance executives, business leaders, economists, hospital administrators among other experts held several workshops to discuss health care reforms in a forum known as the Fresh-thinking Project and came [...]

US History of US health care

A precursor to future health care insurance schemes in America was Blue Cross which was the first innovation that changed the shape of the health care system in America.

Profession of Arms

During this time, the army has lost some of its tradition and skills; factors that used to make the army to be effective and efficient in its operations.

Political Reformation in the Arab World

The current chaotic nature of these countries is because of political reformists that have sensitized the large mass of citizens about the significance of moving from dictatorial-type of ruling to democratic-type of governance.

Rumble in the Jungle

The guerilla movement does not show any sign of ending its "torture", and its injustice to the government and the people of Colombia.

Concept and Role of the Government Agencies

Even though agencies are not expressly mentioned in the US constitution, most of the independent agencies created are technically under the executive arm of the government with the few spread in the legislature.

Hiram Rhodes Revels

After some training in the seminary, he was ordained as a pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Indiana in 1845 where he served till 1849 when he was elected as an elder during [...]

Classical Liberalism Concepts

These philosophers also believed that the right to own, profit from, and dispose of private property rather than living as serfs, tied to the land without owning it, would contribute to the health and wealth [...]

Democracy and Its Types

Democracy is type of political administration in which the governing individuals of a country are voted in by the people. On the other hand, the semi direct democracy is a type of democracy which contains [...]

Modern Federalism

Development and evolution of democracy over the centuries has been focusing on devolution of central powers of government to increase independence of the local states.

Major Political Parties

In the United States, the two major political parties are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The third parties in the US are several and the three major third parties include constitution Party, Green [...]

Public Policy and Hurricane Katrina

Two days before the disaster, the president had declared a state of emergency in several regions such as Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama The government responded to the hurricane by use of several agencies.

Imperialism and Globalization

In spite of the fact that Haiti is already past the threatening state of affairs that it experienced at the times of imperialism, it still survives the aftereffects left by the reign of the latter.

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards

It is remarkable that Donna involved herself in the demonstration against genocide in Darfur, outer surface of the Sudan Embassy where they were protesting against the refusal to offer humanitarian aid to the victims.

Cons of having Nuclear Weapons

Many countries that own nuclear weapons are always researching and improving their nuclear weapons because they are seen as a source of national pride. To begin with, the nuclear power is a source of dangerous [...]

Bill Clinton’s foreign policies

As the president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton promised the Americans that he would be "the most ethical administrator ever seen in the history of the nation".

Gambling should be illegal

Furthermore, gambling leads to lowering reputation of the city in question as a result of the crimes associated. The government is forced to spend a lot of money in controlling crime and rehabilitating addicted gamblers.

Developing a Global Biodiesel Industry

Those opposed to the biodiesel implementation hold that it may lead to food shortage, as it will mean the direction of much acreage of lands towards the production of the fuel. One of the parties [...]

Sponsorship Scandal

The Government of Canada in this awareness program had the motive of countering the rising endeavors of the province's government in promoting independence of the region.

Interpol versus Federal Bureau of investigation

Interpol provides secure services of police communication worldwide; the basis of effectual global law enforcement is the capability of exchanging crucial data fast and in a secure way resulting to the development of a round [...]

Wisconsin Senate to Vote on Anti-Union Bill

The bill introduced a week earlier by Governor Scott Walker, passed through the Legislative budget committee amid opposition from the Democrats committee members and now the bill is destined for voting in the Assembly and [...]

Least Developed Countries

In general, the colonial past has left the trace of ethnic hostility between ethnic groups and has contributed to the development of chauvinistic ideology.

Federalism Evolving

Madison alone wrote over 20 articles on the subject and helped in the development and ratification of the US constitution and the 39th article as well as Federalist 51 is regarded as the most indicative [...]

United States Foreign Policy

This has given it a dominant position in the world political arena and it has also influenced how it deals with other nations."The diplomatic affairs of this country are always under the guidance of the [...]

Minimum Wage Law

In turn, the increase in the prices of goods and services will result to the decrease in the company's profits. The rise in the minimum wage will cause the retrenched employees to join the ranks [...]

Hate Crimes in New York

The information garnered from this study will also be useful in helping government agencies such as the Office of the Governor of New York and the Mayor to formulate important policies that are meant to [...]

The Concept of Terrorism

For instance, assassination refers to the political murder of a renowned public figure such as the head of state. The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, a Palestinian Militant group is reported to have launched a massive [...]

How Long Does It Take to Have a Peace Process?

Accusing the Israeli of the military actions aimed against the Palestine people, the Palestine themselves maintain armed resistance to the aggressive actions of the Israeli, making it complicated for the Israeli soldiers to take the [...]

Law and Policing

Through community policing, the police ought to know the three Rs policy and encourage routine and non-confrontational relations with the public.

Arguments Against California’s Proposition 8

Although in August 2010, the court blocked the implementation of proposition 8, this never gave a lasting solution to the controversial debate of legalizing gay marriages, because this is a debate that involves an issue [...]

Arizona Immigration Law

Lately though, the signing of an immigration law that seems to curtail the freedom of the people by Governor Jan Brewer rattled some feathers not only in the state, but in the larger US and [...]

Current Conflicts in Sudan

The conflict in Sudan began in 2003 after people in the Darfur region accused the government of favoring the Arabs in the region over the black African people.

Concepts of Corruption as threat of Security

The political officers who are charged with the core obligation of discharging their mandate with the cardinal objective of protecting the interest of the public have gone astray and turned a threat to the welfare [...]

Global Conflict Likelihood

The world is changing rapidly and the changes are likely to lead to a global conflict in the future. The awareness will rekindle the animosities that existed between the civilizations in the past and each [...]

Afghanistan: The Way to Go

If this is not done, it will be hard for the U.S.to leave the country to clear a mess that the Americans helped in creating.

Federalism in United States

Federalism is therefore defined as a coordination of the regime in which control and the influence of power is partitioned with an attempt to distribute it in the central government and the constituent supporting units.

Modernization and Democratization

This paper gives an in-depth analysis of modernization as it tries to relate it to the concept of democratization. In politics, the term democratization refers to the transition from an authoritarian government to one that [...]

Idealism and Realism

Of the two, spiritual is considered the most important human aspect because it focuses on the mind and character but not the physical human body. It says that the strength of the minds of people [...]

The Promotion of Justice

The actual question in justice is whether the consideration to be made is first of all for the overall justice of the society or the individual.

Ending Global Poverty

He challenges the international community to enact laws that categorizes the misuse of power 'which leads to poverty' as a crime against humanity. The persistence of poverty can be attributed to poor governance and ignorance.

Socialism vs. Democracy

The most distinct difference between the socialism and democracy is that in socialism we are mostly focusing our energies on the governance of the economic activities and the economic systems of a given country while [...]

The Government is invading People’s privacy

Even though security is pertinent, the government has in several occasions gone to the extremes of totally compromising the privacy of the citizens which it is charged with the responsibility of protecting.

Effects of the New Deal on America

Through these groups there has been a reduction in the tariffs that has facilitated the level of international trade. Corruption however has been a nightmare in the operations of these pressure groups.

State and local public policies

The final phase in policy making process involves of evaluation and maintenance of the new policy and incorporation of the statistical tools to asses the usefulness of the proposed policy.

How Did It Feel Being a Governor?

Being a governor is not an easy thing for any person: to be in constant touch with country and state affairs, to complete the functions of commander-in-chief of naval and military forces, to take care [...]

Political Issues College

The Articles of Confederation was the first constitutional document of the United States, adopted in 1777. In spite of the fact that the Articles of Confederations defined the Congress as a national legislature, the states [...]