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Pride and Prejudice Movie Review Essay

Collins, the cousin of the five sisters, is the probable heir to the family's estate because of his close kinship to the family. In the midst of the journeys between London and Derbyshire, the viewers [...]

Is “Parasite” a Political Film?

Despite the fact that the plot of the film touches on the dominance of one class over another, this context is not related to politics and is associated with social and ethical ambiguities.

Geology: Sinkholes-Buried Alive Documentary

The video discusses the formation of sinkholes, highlights some sinkhole-prone areas, and sheds light on the sinkhole victims. I am amazed by the various topographies and scenes, especially in observing the type of things that [...]

Geology: Volcanic Island Life Cycle Documentary

The documentary tells about the peculiarities of the Hawaiian territory, describing the processes of eruption, solidification, the transformation of lava, and the formation of new lands, which are distinguished by their fertility due to the [...]

Geology: Life’s Rocky Start Documentary

The documentary explains a theory on the inter-relationship of the evolution of both life and earth that is changing the great story of the planet. The documentary majorly focuses on science and therefore, is restricted [...]

The Blind Side Essay (Movie Review)

The Blind Side is a movie produced in 2009 that focuses on the life of Michael Oher. Leigh Anne believes that the decision to make Michael part of her family is right despite objections from [...]

Citizen Kane (1941): Editing Techniques

Thus, involving several storytellers in the process of portraying the characters, the author allows the audience to collect separate fragments and scattered facts that help understand the fractured personalities of the main characters. The film [...]

The Crucible (1996) by Nicholas Hytner

Although Miller has never consented to the historical accuracy of the story, most of the events in the story match up with the occurrences in Salem, Massachusetts during the seventeenth century.

Thelma and Louise (1991) by Ridley Scott

Thelma and Louise is a title of the movie that itself illustrates two characters of the movie. The movie, Thelma and Louise has managed to enhance the significance of the role of women.

Monsters (2010) by Gareth Edwards

Director Gareth Edwards makes use of black and white footage in the beginning of the film, which at the end of the movie, is revealed as actually what happens after the lead characters are rescued [...]

Oppressors in Society: “Soy Cuba” (1964)

Although there are various melodramatic plots in the film that attempt to harmonize the four vignettes together, they are not very instrumental in the overall development of the theme and plot of the film, bearing [...]

“Silenced” (2011) by Hwang Dong-hyuk

The problems raised in the movie are social and should bother the whole society as being based on the realistic events, it means that there may be many places where disabled children are treated in [...]

Red Sorghum (1987) by Yi-Mou Zhang

Instead, the focus is made on the way landscape, colors and music contribute to unveiling the themes and ideas of the movie. The dramatic effect of the scene is enhanced by the color of the [...]

“Salaam Bombay!” (1988) by Mira Nair

Consequently, the story also incorporates a variety of themes and ideas that are interesting to explore in terms of the functioning of the society, the role of the city in marginalization and poverty, and human [...]

“Malcolm X” (1992) by Spike Lee

The movie tells the story of Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X, - the Afro-American spiritual leader and a fighter for human rights who lived in the USA in the 1960s. Washington's talent is [...]

“The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola

Although at some points, the main characters of "The Godfather" are represented as honored and fair, the analysis of the events constituting the movie's plot makes it clear that individual criminal behavior can be supported [...]