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The Sociology of Sports

The institution of sports is very important, useful, and beneficial to the global society. This conclusion brings to the fore a fundamental aspect which has been stated in the thesis, that sports are an important [...]

Religious Belief and Buying Behavior

The main categories to be assessed are religious affiliation and religious dedication in respect to Hinduism and Islam. According to the research, religious affiliation and religiosity play a vital part in shopping conduct.

Anthropologie Industry as an Economic Sector

Anthropologie industry as an economic sector is getting a new approach in the 21st century due to the changing lifestyles and the need of the people to experience the various cultural diversity through various aspects [...]

Anthropologie in Thailand’s Retail Industry

Thailand is a growing economy with the increasing tourism activities, and represents the pattern in the current economic trend and therefore requires aggressive retail investment that is likely to take into account the growing demand.

The Rules of Blackjack

Today, I would like to show you that one can easily learn and apply the rules of this game. There are many variants of this game; however, the most popular and widespread version is casino [...]

Designing a Superior Wristwatch

Instead of serving the function of prompting people to lead 'socially-responsible' lifestyles, wristwatches should serve the function of increasing the extent of people's emotional comfortableness with the notion of a godless and chaotic universe, in [...]

Viral Inhibitor of Human Caspases

This is especially so given the fact that throughout the development of this nematode, the number of cells in the organs is highly controlled and almost all mature C.elegans contain the same number of cells [...]

Nigeria’s Telecommunication Marketing

The following are some of the objectives developed for the telecommunication industry in Nigeria To find out possible market expansion gaps expand in a five year period To find out the best customers retentions methods [...]

Population Growth Control

From a perspective of political economy, control of the population is a matter that is in the sphere of women, and thus they deserve to have right to their sexuality and reproduction.

Taxpayers’ Reaction to Payment of Tax

Thus, taxpayers' reaction to payment of taxes should focus on tax compliance and tax evasion in order to understand underlying behaviours that influence tax payment and evasion and get insights on such reactions.

Online Retailer-Consumer Relationship

In this respect, Sweeney defines consumer behavior as "the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs [...]

Rexona Product Innovation

According to Innovation Zen, an innovative approach on the product included analyzing the chemical characteristics of the soap and technologies available to address those concerns.