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Confucianism and Women During the Tang Dynasty

His teachings were focused on the ability to ritualize life; one of the main focuses of those teachings was that the majority of the problems in society were the result of individuals forgetting their proper [...]

The Judgment of Jupiter by John Deare

The concept of the art work, which is the tension of the gods' council, a decisive moment of Greek history, is shown through the composition and accurate work on postures and facial features of the [...]

Starting a Business Enterprise

These are the opportunities that Shalom daycare has discovered and are prepared to improve in the organization so that it becomes the most influential business in the market by meeting the clients of the needs.

Virtualization Versus Emulation

In conclusion, virtualization and emulation are two different processes that are defined by their usage of the system's resources, cost-efficiency, their role in testing environments, and the general purpose.

Timeless Art of Jazz Music

According to Brennan, in the first half of the twentieth-century jazz was considered to be the interaction between African-American and European musical traditions, an opposition of low and high music.

Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

There are barriers to financial inclusion, such as the lack of education in the financial sector and the lack of infrastructure to support financial inclusion fully.