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Enterprise and Enterprise Viewpoint

The enterprise view tackles the correlations between users and institutions and the inherent parties' responsibilities towards the conveyance and utilization of the information technology services.

Psychology of Communication Technology

In the computer age, cutting-edge technologies are dominating the work places, but to get more productivity from the workers the heads of the organization must look after the personal communication technology, which will ultimately lead [...]

Assigning Appropriate Authorship

In this regard, a problem exists on how to credit the authors and who to assume the errands for the work. It is important to understand the provisions of this authorship phenomenon despite the looming [...]

School Hostage Crisis Intervention

At the end of the disaster, bulldozers were sent in to deal with the aftermath; they removed the remains indiscriminately. The person in charge of information dissemination needs to do this sensitively and sympathetically.

Researching the Ovarian Cancer

In the European continent, for every 100,000 females, 12 to 17 will have ovarian cancer, depending on the nation of origin; this is the age-standardized rate. BRCA1 and BRCA2 profoundly account for the prevalence of [...]

Genetics of Human Social Behavior

Twin study method addresses questions such as what effects do environmental factors have on the twin similarities and twin differences.study which stands for Genome wide association is a method that seeks to establish the components [...]

Poverty in America: An Ethical Dilemma

In contrast, a considerable percentage of the populations believe the society has the moral obligation to eradicate poverty, and thus, they hold the view that the solution to poverty reduction lies in the socioeconomic policies.

Medication Error in Nursing

There has been a number of errors that have occurred in the past in terms of the prescription of drugs. The error will affect nursing in that there will be policies put in place to [...]

Lateral Violence in the Indigenous Peoples

The historical realities of the Indigenous population are contributing factors to the lateral violence exhibited by these peoples. Another way of preventing lateral violence is by sensitizing other members in my workplace on the issue.

Expressionism as an Art Form

The given way to look at expressionist art both broadens the definition and narrows it down in that it stretches the concept to the idea of art being used as a tool for creating the [...]