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Mephisto Products Case Study

Now that more competitors are in the market, customers need to know about the positive aspects of the products too. The sales team has not changed its approach to selling the company's goods since its [...]

Google Case Study: SWOT Analysis

This is an opportunity Google can exploit and stamp its control of the internet service market. The second recommendation is that Google needs to reorient its organizational structure and culture to promote development of its [...]

BMW: Case Study Essay

This case study analysis attempts to examine the BMW brand and its approach to market segmentation to expand its automobile sales. Premium vehicles such as BMW base their segmentation and marketing on the concept of [...]

Risk Management Plan for Aramex

Even though it is based in the United Arabs Emirates, the strategic positioning of Aramex in the Gulf Cooperation Council has provided a platform for it to effectively provide logistics solutions to both regional and [...]

Communication Plan For IT Project

Three most critical stakeholders for this project include the following: IT department is concerned about the overall successful implementation and adoption of the new the in-house virtualization and outsourced cloud computing initiatives to support all [...]

Costco Wholesale External Analysis

The company is dependent on such economic conditions as low land costs and the number of businesses, determining the viability of establishing new warehouses, although the initiative may lead to missing opportunities.

Fair Trade Helping Coffee Growers

This paper will discuss the symptoms and the precursors presented in the case and attempt to offer some recommendations. On the other hand, the movement threatens those not participating in it and only partially address [...]

Smith Radiators: Case Study

Considering the great importance of the cooperation with AAI and the goal that implies the increased quality of final products, it is possible to recommend the shift of priorities towards the Defender strategy.

AT&T and Time Warner

The case of AT&T and Time Warner is one of the highly controversial merger instances, where one of the largest communications companies seeks to merge with one of the largest media content producers.

Analysis of Verizon Company

The growth and development of the company were not accidental, as its owners and top managers made efforts to gradually expand its activities to the territory of the entire United States and beyond.

Jim Beam Bourbon Plant Case Study

The managers and the plant stakeholders' key role is that they are at the forefront of administering that the country's federal labor laws are followed to the letter regarding the break policy.