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Photojournalist: Mark M. Hancock

His presence is evident in numerous magazines and newspapers across the world especially in the editorial sections. In the background of the photograph is the lovely scenery of green vegetation and a blue sky.

Quincy Jones, an American Music Mogul

A close examination of the artist, producer, arranger, publisher, film and TV producer and composer reveals that he was and still is a force to recon in the world and American music industry.

The Life and Works of Archimedes

In the precedent years, the fairy-tale of the palimpsest produced by the mathematician was exhilarating with application of transcript modification and pilfering.

Michelangelo’s Life and Work

Due to his immense skills and wide collection of artistic works, early museums documented his works and as it turns out, he was the most famous artist of the 16th century.

Ray Charles Robinson’s Life and Lessons

After the death of his mother, Ray left school at the age of 15 and relocated to Jacksonville, where he was put up by a family friend."Having friends of the family living in Jacksonville made [...]

Kiki Smith’s Life and Artworks

Most of her art work especially in her early years in her career revolved around the topic of death. To her, this is a passion and she gives the best.

Edward Albee, His Life and Works

The theater had clearly gotten tired of the mainstream works of arts and therefore was at a stagnated stage both in respect to originality and creativity and therefore when Albee burst into the scene as [...]

Andy Warhol: A Pop Art Icon

In the year 1963, under the help of Gerard Malanga, an instructor and a mentor, Warhol initiated his own studio where he expounded the art of film making.

Walt Whitman and His Literary Legacy

Through his poems, Whitman gave a detailed account of the civilization era in the United States of America. Whitman used a variety of themes in his poems to discuss various issues that affected the society.

Edmund Botsford, a Baptist Minister

The young English ex-soldier was converted to the Baptist faith during the time when Oliver Hart was in charge of the Charleston church and the ministry in that region especially training the missionaries and young [...]

The Life of Harold Cardinal

Specific attention deserves such works as The Unjust Society: The Tragedy of Canada's Indians written in 1969 and The Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian, which is also famous as the White Paper.

Painter Jean Metzinger and His Works

Metzinger was fascinated by the idea of different dimensions and different retrospectives and regarded objects as multidimensional ways to convey the meaning. I speculated on the idea of wonders of nature and depicted a mermaid [...]
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