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Oil Crisis of 1973: Article Study

In particular, it is imperative to track the reasons and causes as well the outcomes of the economic recession, the existing conflicts, and the established relations before and after the oil crisis of 1973.

Performing Post-Discharge Telephone Calls

Thus, to find the most relevant articles, it was important to use such keywords as 'surgery', 'surgical patients', 'follow-up', 'follow-up call', 'telephone', 'telephone follow-up', 'telephone call', 'post-discharge', 'post-discharge follow-up', and areadmission' in different combinations in [...]

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Management

In terms of academic value, it can be stated that both studies are grounded on different theoretical frameworks, where Black and Porter selected the differences between the practical and the cross-cultural school of thought as [...]

Effectively Managing Individual Career Path

They also determine how the different organizational strategies and systems help in developing their employees with respect to their careers. Individuals need to evaluate their current career state to identify the missing skills, knowledge and [...]

Intermodal Transport and Drayage Operations

The observation the authors establish with regard to development and operation of new intermodal service is that it should not just center on the availability of capital, technology and desire for improved productivity but aspects [...]

Fast Fashion and Ethical Consumption

A narrative literature review is selected to analyse and synthesise available information on the impact of fast fashion on society. The integration of articles is expected to reveal the gaps, tendencies, and limitations that exist [...]