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City Branding of Dubai

Unlike a product, the face value of a city lies in the eyes of the investors and the citizens. According to the author, the product is the cutting edge that determines the initial attitude of [...]

Expansion in Foreign Markets Tesco

This thorough understanding will be developed by making use of analysis instruments such as the SWOT analysis to judge the company's internal and external standing as well as the use of Porter's five forces to [...]

The Issue of Centralizing Purchasing

The aims and objective of the study is to evaluate the merits and drawbacks of centralized as well decentralized system of making purchases in the light of operative style of multi national company.

Fashion and Architecture: Relationship

The paper goes ahead and gives view of the positive aspects and negative aspects of the relationship of the field in view of the current, past and possible future trends. Areas of similarities between architecture [...]

The Macau Gaming Industry Research

The following is a research paper on exploring the dynamics of the Macau gaming industry situated in China in an attempt to establish the profitability and attractiveness of the industry through the application of the [...]

Housing Market and Financing in the US

For instance; the Home Information Packs, which comprise of the information and facts about the house price sale; the House Price Inflation, which is the yearly increase in the house prices for the past year; [...]

The Sale Tax Legislation of Hong Kong

This study also explained the provisions of the IRD that relate to the Goods and Services Tax in Hong Kong. Tax administration of a particular country is a significant concern as the issue of development [...]

3D Technology History in Cinema Industry

The interviews with famous film directors, officials of movie-producing companies and ordinary film fans, alongside the data obtained from the profound study of the great amount of literature on the topic and theoretical framework constituted [...]

China Cross-Border E-Commerce Report

The topic for the investigation is chosen because of the growing importance of the online business and, at the same time, the robust economic power of China which now becomes one of the leading states [...]