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CHL Hospitality’s Partnership

The difference in management and leadership styles is the first issue that is likely to be encountered in collaboration. It will be important for the collaboration to consider the attitude and roles of workers from [...]

American Express Malaysia Market Research

The research needs to investigate the factors affecting choice of charge cards by this community and seek out what the community members seek in their preferred charge card, find out what factors like social, economic, [...]

English Classroom Activities in Saudi Arabia

First Activity: Lecture Materials: Lecture Topic: Understand Language Learning Strategies for EFL Learners Learning Objectives A student will be able to: Understand different language learning strategies; Assess learning strategies in the context of cognitive theories, [...]

The Katarist Mobile Application

It is anticipated that if this application is successfully implemented and distributed to the general population of Qatar, a significant amount of interest will be developed and, as a result, this will promote Qatar's cultural [...]

Quality Improvement Initiative

However, the overall perception of quality care is sometimes distorted by the professionals' focus on the medical aspects of intervention and the abandonment of meaningful communication and connection with a patient.

Investing in Selective Saudi Banks Shares

The level of competition in the kingdom's banking sector is facilitating the creation of a banking scenario characterized by commercial banks, which are improving their efficiency through investing in technology and exploiting favourable government policies.

South Africa and Kenya Development Project

To identify the existing measures for improvement of agricultural production in smallholder irrigation schemes in Limpopo province, South Africa and Eastern Province, Kenya; To establish the stakeholders involved in the agricultural production improvement measures [...]

Power Nap Pods: Business Project

This report will review the most popular pods, their benefits for workers and employers, examples of companies that use them, as well as the cost of the pods' installation and maintenance.

Library & Information Science Research

In ensuring that librarians see their collections in the eyes of their patrons, it is imperative that literature search process integrates aspects of preliminary search and retrieval of potentially useful material.

Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: A Merger

Bill Bailey might use the needs theory of motivation to support the merger by denoting the financial strength that the merger will have, recognizing the financial stability of opera and the flexibility that the business [...]

School Lunch Program Development

The main determinants of nutritional inadequacies will include the rising rate of undernourished children, childhood obesity and its related diseases, the level of satisfaction with the meals; the length the program has been in place [...]