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Moon – Solo Dance by Yang LiPing

It could be defined as a large stage ethnic primitive genre if it was not for the complexity of the hidden innuendoes that the interpretation of the dance suggests.

Tampa Organization Compensation Plan

Arguably, the practice of connecting a raise to the experience in the company is rather controversial. However, the claim that the given practice is discriminatory to the staff members of a particular age is inconsistent, [...]

“COVID-19 and WHO”: Article Analysis

Thesis, main arguments and debatable issues Thesis The paper by Agartan et al. (2020) seeks to study the perceptions of the Covid-19 threat in relation to a change in the dynamics of international relationships. According to the authors, with the increase in the levels of political tensions in the international arena, the criticism of the […]

Society, Culture, and Civilization

Thus, culture is a flexible feature of non-animal communities that penetrates their subsistence and helps to adjust to the surroundings. The last concept, civilization, is the consequence of the constant changes of the first two [...]

“Mother Tongue” by Tan

Although the topic of the narration is language, the writer emphasizes its role in her mother's life and finishes the text underlining the value of her mother's opinion. Quoting her mother, the writer intends to [...]

“The Boy With a Camera for a Face”: Review

The film explores such themes as discrimination through the young man's unusual condition, capitalism, when the couple agreed to the reality show, media addiction, exemplified by the viewers, and self-sacrifice, evident from the ending.

Adolescent Case Studies: Responses

Case #1 Mark Concept 1 Case #1 Mark Concept 4 Concept/ Theory Concept of suppression Concept/ Theory Social Conflict How it applies… Mark is at puberty but has no interest in girls. This phenomenon is possible because of insufficient contact with the mother during childhood. How it applies… Mark fights with his parents for the […]

“I Want a Wife” by Brady

This essay is appropriate for the audience of feminist publishing because it contains the opinion that reflects the women's thoughts that understand the inequality that exists. It means that the narrator describes the concept of [...]

Different Concerts Report

The first part's melody is performed in minor harmony and serves the purpose of preparing listeners for the final passage that is played in the major theme.

Impact of Reward Satisfaction on Employee Turnover Intention

Research question/objective: Exploring the Perceived Impact of Reward Satisfaction on Employee Turnover Intention: A Case Study of the Ritz-Carlton in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Investigative questions Variable(s) required The detail in which data measured Relation to theory and key concepts in the literature Check measurement question included in the questionnaire Introducing the Interviewee What position do […]

Hero Image in Literature

Gilgamesh from the Epic of Gilgamesh, Achilles, and Agamemnon from The Iliad, and Beowulf from the epic Beowulf may serve as the best examples of epic characters, which represent the image of a hero properly [...]

Video Games as a Way to Fix Reality

The aspects include raising the players' awareness, alleviation of anxiety and health-related as well as mental problems, maintaining the connection between the users and the real-world hitches, aid in learning programs, and providing solutions for [...]

Da Vinci’s Last Supper: Artwork Analysis

Of all famous paintings in the history of humankind, Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper takes a very special spot, representing the pinnacle of both Da Vinci's artistic development and the progress of the Renaissance era.