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Love Is An Art

It is obvious that the attraction between the narrators and the girls is orchestrated by love. It is a love that does not dwell on trivial shortcomings of the five girls.

Alcohol Addiction Among Women

Women are a population of interest because of the increased mortality rates from alcohol-related health complications and the effect of this substance on childbearing. Similarly, to the previous organization, Alcove is a recovery facility that [...]

Photography: Brief History of Invention

At that time all images produced were in black and white and eventually all masters of the art came to believe that the only artistic way to record photographic images was in black and white. [...]

Cirque du Soleil: Organizational Behavior

The primary elements of organizational behavior incorporate the philosophy of the management, its principles, vision, and aspirations which is instrumental in directing the culture of the organization, whether formal, informal, or social which in turn [...]

The Manufacture of Polyethylene

5 The popularity of polyethylene is rooted in the fact that this polymer is cheap, flexible, durable, and chemically resistant6 It is important to take a closer look at the manufacturing process in order to [...]

Strategic Management at the Euro Disney

One of the key elements for the management was to use value addition and analysis techniques in the design and implementation of its value chain activities in addition to embracing the four concepts of product, [...]

Charles Garnier, Opera, Paris

There will be unavoidable challenges during the construction process in the now and in the future. Opera will be a unique design here in Paris and across the world.

The Art of Frida Kahlo and Chicano Art

She incorporated the use of Mexican and pre-Colombian art work, imagery and concepts in some of her works which included "My Nurse and I", a self portrait that depicts Kahlo in the hands of a [...]

Ford Mustang Market Environment Research

Among the key elements integrated into the Ford Mustang marketing strategy that has favorably positioned the firm in the market include economic factors, environmental issues, marketing strategies, and the 4 Ps in the marketing of [...]

NSAIDs and Cardiovascular Outcomes

Even though the risk of the principal outcome amid nonselective NSAIDs with comparatively more cox-2 than cox-1 inhibitors was to some extent bigger than the risk of the cox-2 selective mediators, the researchers believe the [...]

Why Dell Company is Great

Being a leader in innovative approaches, whether in business models, environment sustainability, or technological innovation, Dell maintained its strong position in a way that distinguishes the company from the others, at good times and bad [...]

Lymphatic Filariasis

Despite this high prevalence, to date, no large-scale study had been conducted in this region to determine the prevalence, trends, microfilaria rate, and clinical features of the disease in this part of the world.

Global Business: Term Definition

This proposal aims to describe the nuances of introducing Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Canada and substantiating the choice of a specific strategy while taking into account the peculiarities of this company's activities and the business [...]

Shaped by Politics: Charles Ives’s Music

Ives's music reflected his idea of political past, connected to his deep sense of responsibility within the societal political arrangements- the kind of responsibility associated with republicanism and colonial revival as the two 19th century [...]

Global Warming and Environmental Refugees

Moreover, since environmental refugees have to leave their homelands, the developed countries are responsible for their relocation; thus, have to provide refugees with all the necessary financial and emotional support to ease their adaptation process [...]

1910-1940 Mexican Political Development

In this essay, I will discuss the causes of the Mexican revolutions, the major stages in the revolution, immediate and long term effects of the revolution, the constitution and the Presidents who served Mexico from [...]

Paraguay Historical Profile

The downfall of the Colorado party can be attributed to three main factors: the defeat of bourgeois opposition to the oligarchy, the recession of the political system and dictatorship.

Hogaku: Traditional Japanese Music

Music is often divided into Western and Non-Western; Japanese music belongs to Non-Western music and it has a number of peculiarities all of which should be discussed in order to present an ethnographic report on [...]

Business Law: JPMorgan Chase

Jeopardy of gambling in purchases of high-risk securities emanates from the falsified financial statements by organizations to reflect the positive performance of the organizations, as opposed to the actual negative performance.

Psychophysics: Definition & Fundamentals

A psychophysical hypothesis, known as the theory of Signal Detectability uses a blend of statistical choice theory together with the idea of perfect observer modeling the sensitivity of the observer to events that are in [...]

HIV and AIDS in Adolescents

The teenagers in America and the world are a group that is constantly at risk of infection with the Human-Immunodeficiency-Virus and developing the Acquired-Immune-Deficiency-Syndrome, the disease condition that eventually results; this is stemming mainly from [...]

Early Childhood Philosophy of Learning

Kids are dynamic novices about life and capitalize on the opportunity to discover, search and explore in pragmatic practice. The play presents imperative prospects for kids to construct their proficiency in pragmatic and rousing comportment.

Socrates and the Purpose of Life

Accordingly, the essence of the aforesaid Socrates' argument in the court is the focus of the Apology written by the student of Socrates, Plato, sometime after the court decision was taken and Socrates was killed.

Prominent Post-Structuralist Philosophers

The philosophers justified the criticisms made against the western culture and with time, post-structuralism emerged and exposed the norms and cultures of the western society. The people that led to the emergence of post-structuralism were [...]

Effective Persuasive Speaking

The speaker relies on his or her ability to formulate a case that is going to be accepted by the audience. This was a major challenge because he was not able to resonate with the [...]