Business Ethics Paper Examples

Activities of an Organization: Management Code of Ethics

Introduction Corporate social responsibility, which is also referred to as sustainable responsible business or corporate conscience, is a self-regulation mechanism incorporated into the central part of a business. It concerns itself with monitoring and assurance of active obedience with: ethical standards, the general law and the international customs that govern business and non-business activities within […]

Marketing Research Ethics

Ethical integrity in marketing research has remained a widely challenging aspect in marketing. According to Carrigan, Marinova, and Szmigin (2005), marketing research involves the processes in which a business collects, analyze, and interpret data about competitors, customers, and factors in the business environment in order to enhance efficiency in marketing. Ethics, on the other hand, […]

The philosophical approaches to ethics

Introduction The main point of the argument is that philosophical approaches to business ethics provide guidelines for making ethical business decisions, but some of these approaches are controversial and have no support from most moral scholars. The philosophical approaches to ethics are deontology, consequentalism, and virtue ethics (Hill 148). They help business people to make […]

Ethics in Computing

In any given setup, an acceptable code of conduct is always emphasized. Many people and entities have become victims of unethical computer use; this thread comes fro people with ill motives. This vice has lately exposed the internet users to unprecedented mischievous tricks of cyber criminals. The act has created various problems, controversies and is […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Role in Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents a modern trend in the business world. The companies are encouraged to be socially responsible taking care of the environment and society. However, the companies themselves benefit from CSR due to the value which the social and environmental programs provide to their image. “The positioning of the firm with respect […]

Managing values and corporate responsibility in global business operations

Introduction One of the major questions that most international organizations and corporations tend to ask is whether multinational corporations have moral duties to uphold ethical values and global corporate responsibility in their conduct, activities and daily decision-making processes. The recent disaster at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where over a thousand workers died is an example […]

Google Does No Evil

Introduction There is an overtly politicization of Google and its functions. Google and its search engine have absolutely changed people’s way of thinking. Google’s search engine has enabled efficiency and immediacy of everything. Whether it is a difficult word, a research topic, a difficult subject, a social or emotional issue, Google’s search engine has answers […]

“When urgency matters on non-discretionary corporate social responsibility”

Introduction The article under discussion is titled “When urgency matters on non-discretionary corporate social responsibility”. The author of the article is Miguel Alzola and the article was published in the human systems management journal in 2008. According to Alzola, the concept of corporate social responsibility is generally used to refer to the relationship between businesses […]

Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

This paper highlights ethical issues of concern in organizational behavior, stressing their importance in organizations and how individual influences can impact on the ethical behavior of their employees. The paper, in addition, gives a detailed contemporary example of an ethical issue that was reported on Wall Street Journal. In line with its context, this paper […]

Business Ethics Policies and Practices

Ethics has diverse definitions depending on the field in which it is applied. From a general perspective, ethics encompasses well-established standards of wrong and right acts that humankind should avoid and do. The standards include instances of honesty, societal benefits, fairness, and particular virtues. Moreover, ethics revolves around the development of the above standards in […]

An Ethical Dilemma in the “Government, Regulation and Business Ethics”

Introduction Ethics is a term that is used to refer to moral behaviours in the society, a business organisation, or any other setup. Ethics are at times referred to as moral philosophies. Ethics determine what behaviour is good or bad within a given society. In business, ethics have become important in the bid to gain […]

Collecting the phone data logs of all citizens

Details of the Program The National Security Agency (NSA) has gathered phone data from several cell phone users. Such data could reveal critical details about their owners. Big data are important in identifying individuals and their habits. However, the program does not require the service provider to reveal subscribers’ personal details like names, contact information, […]

Morneau Shepell acquires Collage Pediatric Therapy

Summary The article analyses the merger between two firms in Canada that operate in different sectors Morneau Shepell is an HR consulting firm. It also offers outsourcing services to other firms (Gibson Para. 2) The company provides assistance programs for employees and families as well as pension plans and retirement plans for employees Collage Pediatric […]

Topics in ethical dilemma: when the choice becomes too complicated

Employer Breach of Employee’s Privacy Though technically being very hard to prove, the breach of employees’ privacy is definitely a punishable offence that must result in taking proper measures and penalizing the wrong-doer in an adequate manner (Duff, Smielauskas & Yvos 2001, p. 14; Dossey 2003, p. 12). As Shaw explains, “privacy is widely acknowledged […]

Ethics in Research

The concept of research ethics refers to set of regulations, principles, and organizational outline that will guide in constituting and regulating any scientific exercise (Thomas 90). Research ethic principles are vital elements of any successful scientific research because they help in uphelding ethical values and preserve sound mind, which is especially important for scientists as […]

Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal

Ethics in organizations is an important ingredient of organizational success. Both the employers and employees ought to act ethically to ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization are achieved (Mello, 2006). However, given the different personalities and thinking of human beings, ethical problems in organizations are inevitable. As such, it is important that […]

Kant’s Philosophy: Water and Ethics

Introduction In recent decades, there has been an upsurge of scholarly literature on how ethical theories could be applied not only in organizational contexts, but also in spheres that demand ethical consideration (Shaw et al 2013). Although the literature discusses these theories in a variety of contexts, the present paper focuses on the application of […]

Ethical, legal and societal issues of information technology systems

Introduction Most professions practiced in different global locations have stipulated codes of ethics or professional codes of conduct. The codes are essential given that the professionals are provided with advantage over other individuals. Typically, the professionals’ practice in respective fields has the possibility of influencing the rest of the public. The codes offer guidelines for […]

Motorola Mobility Holdings. Codes of Conduct in the Telecommunication Industry

Brief description of the company Motorola Mobility Holdings is a company in the telecommunication industry. Its operations mainly involve the sale of mobile devices, data delivery as well as end to end video. The company is based in the United States of America. The company was part of the Motorola Company where it was operating […]

Overpopulation as a Challenge to Management’s Ethos

Introduction The inherent problem with the concept of overpopulation is the fact that the finite resources available on Earth cannot hope to support the potentially infinite expansion of humanity. The Earth itself is a closed off ecosystem with no resources entering into it, as such its surface can only support a certain population of species, […]

Culture and Business Practices in Asia

The Summary of the Article The article Conflicting Imperatives in Modern Thailand written by Phillip Niffennegger, Songpol Kulviwat, and Napatsawan Engchanil (2006) is aimed at discussing the ways in which the cultural values of Thai Buddhism interact with western worldviews and principles. They authors highlight the differences between these ideologies. To some degree, these discrepancies […]

Contemporary Management Issues

Introduction The concepts of corporate social responsibility within the business encompasses all those practices that the firms undertake to increase efficiency in the management of resources as well as enhancing good relations with customers, employees, as well as shareholders (Starcher, 2006). On the other hand, ethics are the moral considerations that firms undertake in their […]

Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool

Facebook has come under attack owing to rising cases of privacy issues and its negative influence on people. Critics argue that Facebook’s management is not doing enough to protect people’s privacy and personal information. In addition, it has been criticized for turning people into machine-like beings. Many young people have turned to Facebook for companionship […]

Spamming Is More Acceptable Way of Sales Practice than Cold Calling

Introduction and thesis statement The digitization of information and communication technologies (ICT), the global extension of ICT-supported networks, services and applications, fixed and mobile phones, the World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet have opened the diverse ways for a wide range of ICT related growth and initiatives (Lagraña 5). The internet has altered the […]

Social Responsibility Demonstrated by McDonald’s

The main aim of any business enterprise or company is to maximize on profits and returns. However, it is necessary to build the company’s reputation in the market. This can be effectively achieved by taking part in activities that promote ethics and display the company’s interest in social responsibility. This paper analyses the social responsibility […]

Moral Issues in Business

Companies are not the most important organizations in the world today. However, it should be noted that business firms have a large influence on social, political and economic systems in many countries. There are other organizations which play crucial roles in many modern societies. Government agencies, religious groups, political associations, non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups and […]

The Contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a crucial component of modern business practices in many business firms. The definition that is used to describe CSR has been an issue of contention between different scholars. This has been largely influenced by the manner in which the concept is applied by various organisations in different industry […]

Principles of Responsible Commerce

Most businesses operate to make profit in the society. Apart from the profit-making objective, businesses should ensure that their operations bring positive changes in the society. The positive changes can be through job creation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The latter does not exclude non-corporate businesses since any act on the environment affect all businesses […]

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Ethical Consideration

Ethical Culture at Work Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADOC) has set policies and regulations to guarantee evenhandedness within the company. This has encompassed the aspects of ethics and morality within the workforce. The policies of the company are set at the administrative level to ensure fairness. ADNOC has numerous employees working in different departments. […]

America’s Workplace Inequality

Introduction American workplace has being undergoing transformations that have characterized the nature, relation, power, and performance of key stakeholders who in this sense constitute the employers, employees, government, and the unions. American workplace exhibits great aspects of heterogeneity, and this has been contributed by presence of diverse groups of people who possess varying skills, knowledge, […]

Ethics in the Hospitality Industry

Abstract Ethics plays central roles of enhancing employees’ satisfaction in their jobs coupled with the inducement of a strong commitment to the organizations for which they work. In the current research, the role of ethics in enhancing satisfaction of employees and commitment to an organization in the hospitality industry is expected to be arrived at […]

Business Ethics: Enron

Introduction Background of Study The purpose of this research paper is to discuss Enron case and ethical dilemmas related with business, such as, rise and collapse of Enron, the unethical practices of its executives, audit failure, moral obligation of the leaders and fraudulent operation. At the same time, this research paper also focuses on the […]

Comparison of Adam Smith and Albert Carr’s Views on Business Strategy

Introduction and Meaning of Business Ethics The term ethics means inquiry into the state and basis of morality. Primarily, morality refers to right decisions, principles, and rules of demeanor. In some cases, ethics has been termed as the discipline that deals with the human behavior, with an emphasis of verifying right and wrong. The distinction […]

Company Q’s Current Attitude to Social Responsibility

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be described as a practice whereby business entities regulate themselves by ensuring that they adhere to the established laws, ethical standards and international norms (Feltus, Petit, & Dubois, 2009). There have been rising concerns over the ethical and social responsibilities of contemporary firms. CSR is aimed at encouraging firms […]

Is Virtue Ethics Dead in Modern Organizations?

Problem Taking part in a multi-dimensional dialog, which working in the global economy presupposes, invites the need to reconsider the ethical principles, which the corporate decision-making processes are based on (Belak & Milferner 2011). As a company enters the environment of the global economy, it becomes open to new opportunities and challenges, as well as […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Male and Female Perspectives

Introduction Sexual harassment is one of the problems that bother populations around the whole world. People cannot control their needs and demands and cannot predict the wishes of other people around, which is why a number of unpredicted and undesirable misunderstandings may take place. The workplace is the place, where certain rules, obligations, and expectations […]

Coal Seam Gas Case

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the case of coal seam gas (CSG). This gas is a critical source of energy for many countries, including Australia. Nevertheless, its extraction is associated with several environmental risks such as water and soil pollution. Overall, this issue is of great concern to policy-makers who need to reconcile […]

Relationship between Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Business ethics and social responsibility have been topics of heated debates since the middle of the 20th century. In the 21st century, the discussion is still relevant as organizations are trying to adjust to the changing environment and remain competitive in the market. Researchers, business people, customers have agreed that companies cannot focus on their […]

The Main problems of Handling Sexual Harassment Cases

Introduction Sexual harassment cases in the workplace are encountered across the world. Sexual harassment reduces quality of work, morale and performance of the workers. Many organizations have enacted workplace policies in order to combat the issue (McCann, 2005). However, the sexual harassment continues to be a major issue in workplaces. The main problem that the […]

Factors Influencing Corporate Cultures

Introduction Corporate culture underscores the way things are done within an organization. Corporate culture involves a set of behaviors that occurs naturally amongst all participants in an organization. It includes the mode of communication within the organization, management of performance, the set-up of hierarchy levels, and the coordination of projects coupled with how meetings are […]