Impact of National Culture on Entrepreneurial Activity

While many of us believe that we are in total control of our lives, the culture that we are predisposed to is a determining factor in shaping our personality and even the way we do business. Through culture, we are raised differently, have different languages and solve problems differently and needless to say conduct business […]

The Pinto Fires Case

Introduction Pinto’s case is one of the cases that highlight on decision making within a company, or an organization. Organizations are usually faced with many instances and there is a need to balance the consumers’ desired products as well as providing the product that fits the users’ needs. The case of pinto is one good […]

Ethical Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibilities in a Workplace

Introduction Business operations are an integral part of the communities, the general public expects responsible behavior from the private sector and Consumers expect goods and services at competitive prices. Fredrick points out that buyers are increasing becoming aware or sensitive on how company transactions and particularly the kind or goods and services deals with impact […]

Business Ethics

Introduction Most economists define business ethics as the code of conduct that a business firm follows, while interacting and transacting with its internal and external members. Most businesses are faced with difficult scenarios that force them contemplate business ethics, thus compromising their businesses’ reputation. Among these is nepotism, a situation whereby an employer knowingly and […]

Dishonesty in Business

Introduction Work ethics are important not only to organizations, but also to the employees. In every organization, there are set values that should be followed by all the employees when carrying out their duties. These values are based on diligence and hard work to help individual employees as well as the whole organization to meet […]