Organizational Philosophies and Technology

Introduction All persons, whether in private or public sector, product or services industry, are guided by ethics (morally accepted conduct); this is undertaking ones duty in a way that the good of all the parties affected by the actions is looked into. Just like human beings, businesses should conduct their activities in a morally acceptable […]

Whether or not to uphold business ethics

Introduction Perhaps everyone agrees that businesses perform several possible activities, when striving to achieve their primary aim of making profits. However, the point of contention comes in; on the way the activities are handled and executed. The controversy often regards the question of whether to uphold the law, or adhere to the business ethics. Some […]

How the Information and System Assurance Theory and Methodology Impacted an Actual Company in the Last 10 Years

Abstract Any business entity requires proper management to avoid situations that would lead to its imminent collapse and eventually, loss of investment. For this reason, business owners should be very cautious when decided on the auditing firms to examine their books of accounts. A lot of business enterprises have collapsed due to poor management, inexperienced […]

Employee retention connection model

Introduction In the recent past, tremendous changes in the business environment have occasioned employee mobility in an unprecedented manner. This can be attributed to a number of factors. For example, economic globalization has availed limitless and very attractive opportunities for employees with the intention of optimizing their career goals and objectives within the shortest time […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Presentation Aids in Group Presentations

Introduction Presentations are an integral part of communicating in a group setting. In making presentations, the use of presentation aids has been seen to contribute to the effectiveness of the presentation process. Owing to their great success in enhancing the presentation efforts, presentation aids have become so prevalent that sometimes they are seen to be […]

Revenue, cost concepts, and market structure proposal

The main aim of most businesses is to generate maximum profits at minimum cost. However, many organizations face challenges in their operation. Reducing material, labor and other costs become essential if any profits need be achieved. To achieve ideal production levels, the production manager should be very careful while making decisions. Revenues increment recommendation Revenue […]