Management Issues: Subjective Reflection on Commerce

There have been amendments to the competition and consumer act (CCA) 2010 in the last 12 months. A new division, Division 1A, was inserted into part IV of this act. This division is about anti-competitive conduct provisions, which prohibits anti-competitive price signalling and/or any other related information. This amendment act received royal assent on December […]

Organizational Change

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of organizational change in a brick-and-mortar and virtual organization. It has been brought forth that change is the only constant thing on earth; for that matter in the world of business, organizations that do not change will be forced out of business since they will loss competitive advantage […]

Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

Introduction In keeping with the company‚Äôs philosophy and tradition of working with culturally diverse teams, managers are required to posses the knowledge of how to effectively handle these teams for optimal performance and productivity. Any manager leading culturally diverse teams must clearly take into account the members‚Äô cultural disposition in order to establish an effective […]

Networking in Entrepreneurship

Introduction What the Topic is about The topic of this paper is about the role of business networks in promoting entrepreneurial success in the creation and sustenance of new business ventures. Basically, networking refers to the connections an entrepreneur establishes with other individuals and business organizations. Thus, networks are crucial aspects in any business ventures […]

Service Experience Diary

Introduction This report is to provide the management of The City Grill Room Steak house restaurant with effective marketing, and customer satisfaction strategies, in order that they may attract new visitors or customers to their location and encourage repeat purchase by the customers. To carry this out this report highlights some of the effective marketing […]

Virgin Australia Airline Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001: 2008 Quality policy In 2012, Virgin Australia Airline was ranked as the best airline within the Australian airline industry. The firm‚Äôs success both in international and domestic markets hinges on its commitment towards provision of high quality services. Virgin Australia has formulated comprehensive quality policies, which has enabled it to […]

Borouge Petrochemical Company Strategic Management

Introduction Change is a widespread feature in life of organizations and the capability to handle such changes is the core competence of success in organizations (Senge et al., 2004, p. 4). The main drivers of organizational changes over the last two decades have been globalization, advancement in technology and fluctuation in global economy. This has […]

Multicultural Teams and Their Leadership

Introduction As a result of globalization, many organizations are employing people from different countries in order to pool resources and boost their operational efficiency. However, documented literature indicates that having a culturally diverse team presents numerous challenges based on language differences, communication issues, different working techniques and conflict resolution mechanisms (Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003). If […]

Economic Factors on the Stock Market

Introduction Different nations have different economic policies that guide investments in stock markets. Consequently, decisions to invest in the international equities will mean subjection into differing sets of polices opposed to the prevailing domestic conditions. The dilemma on the differences between the impacts of the factors affecting domestic equity returns and international equity returns has […]

Behaviour in Economics

In his exploration of the organization of complexity, Herbert Simon brings out the understanding of economic rationality in, ‚ÄúThe sciences of the artificial‚ÄĚ. The book is more of Simon‚Äôs conception of complexity in terms of how it can be studied, adapted to and understood by human beings. With knowledge from diverse fields such as social […]

Personal Skills Development in the Teamwork

Introduction In the modern world, organizations are increasingly becoming active and uneven (Barthe 2010, p. 94). Instabilities force organizations to form groups and teams that are expected to work together in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. An organization relies on teams and groups in delivering services to clients. There is increased complexity regarding […]

Property Management Systems (Hospitality Industry)

Introduction Property Management Systems (PMSs) are essential tools in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry is complex and has numerous challenges. Reservations, customer care and administration of hotels and resorts offer challenges that the management must confront in order to attain customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability of the establishments (O’Connor, 2004). For this reason, PMSs are […]

Goodman Fielder Benefits in Asia

Businesses organisations expand as a result of hard work which involves ensuring that customers get satisfied and aggressive exploration of the market. Sometimes, old fashioned methods of marketing are used to increase sales. This approach is supported by many consultants and business experts. Although hard work is important for business growth, it is basically described […]

Openness and Wage Inequality in Developing Countries

Summary Written by Adrian Wood, the article Openness and Wage Inequality in Developing Countries: the Latin American Challenge to East Asian Conventional Wisdom, explores the effects of openness and wage inequality especially in developing countries. The conventional wisdom theory of East Asian is analysed in relation to the experience of the Latin America countries in […]

Internalisation Strategy

Brief Summary of Recommendations: ‚ÄúPlugging the Gap: An Internalisation Strategy‚ÄĚ This project purposed to come up with policy directions aimed at ensuring that New Zealand competes favourably in global markets mainly by undertaking internalisation performance improvement to accelerate growth in high value differentiated goods and services. The study proposes that stakeholders should chip in to […]

Boeing’s e-Enabled Advantage

Understanding of the case An evaluative look at the author‚Äôs write-up regarding the case study (Boeing‚Äôs e-Enabled Advantage) shows that the author demonstrates a good understanding of the case. Here, it is worth noting that the author reviews the case relative to the company‚Äôs background, market situation, changes in leadership/management strategies, and new innovations/opportunities in […]

Generic Toolkit for Implementing a Web-Based Product Innovation Strategy for Zara Fashion Retailer

Introduction Sweeping demographic changes, technological advances, increased competition, geopolitical realignments and other related pressures are combining with concerns for security, changing customer preferences and expectations, expansion urges, and shifts in organizational governance to generate momentous pressure for organizational change (Kotter, 2007; Howard, 1994). A multiplicity of studies (Haveman, 1993; Amburgay et al, 1993) demonstrate that […]

Corona Beer Company

Trends in the global market beer The global market trends has faced substantial changes over the past three decades with giants like Heineken being edged out by upcoming new brands such as Corona Extra from Grupo Modelo. The two key strategies that clearly alter global beer market are strategic alliances with strategic partners and global […]

Organizational Learning

Analyzing the Evolution of Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory and Research Organizational knowledge creation involves making available and intensifying knowledge created by individuals and also shaping up and linking it with an organization‚Äôs knowledge system. The description of knowledge and knowledge conversion triggered research on conducive organization for and the context for knowledge creation. Research particularly […]

Marketing Mix Strategy

Introduction Marketing mix refers to a combination of product/services, price, place, and distribution. A marketing manager of Campos Coffee can have control of these four factors subject to external and internal environment factors. Campos Coffee has to make decisions regarding its products and services (Antony 2008, p. 58). Products/Services Products refer to anything tangible or […]

Emotional Intelligence

Introduction The aim of this reflection is to provide a solution on how Emotional Intelligence can be utilised to improve the workplace. The researcher will also provide specific information on how Emotional Intelligence (EI) can enhance audience sensitivity. Therefore, it will be important to start by explaining the meaning of emotional intelligence then through deductive […]

How Does the Leadership Style Adopted by the Franchisor Affect the Behavior of the Franchisee?

Abstract Franchising is regarded as one of the easiest forms of business deals that an entrepreneur can take advantage of. The requirements of such a venture are not very straining provided one secures a franchisor. A franchisor is an organization that lets another business entity utilize its intellectual property and transact on its behalf. The […]

Maybelline Company Analysis

Strengths key to Maybelline‚Äôs past successes Many factors contributed to Maybelline‚Äôs past successes; among these factors was the acquisition of the company by L‚ÄôOreal and the subsequent entry into the international market. This gave Maybelline a global brand, therefore, increasing its sales through entering new markets. Maybelline was able to gain a competitive advantage over […]

Wal-Mart Company’s Global Strategy

The initial global expansion strategy for Wal-Mart was to enter into the Western hemisphere states, Asia and Europe. However, Wal-Mart had insufficient managerial, organizational and financial resources that were considered necessary to simultaneously pursue these multiple states expansion. Wal-Mart thus initially opted to rationally sequence its market entry strategy to enable it to use the […]

Change Agent

A change agent can refer to a person or group of people who come up with ideas and/or resources to alter an issue either in organizational systems, community or human capability in order to produce good output. In a given community, a change agent can be anyone who is capable of identifying an issue that […]

Information Security Management

Introduction Information is critical to the functioning of every organization. It defines its operations and activities. The concept of security management is thus elusive and focuses on organizational security. Organizations have remained active in terms of acquisition of information management systems. These systems are meant to aid organizations in securing their information. This paper discusses […]

Management Issues: Effective Team Formation

The article demonstrates the processes and procedures that must be put into consideration toward the formation of a team. The first section of the article demonstrates that effective teams are grounded on coherent goals and objectives, and that these goals and objectives must be rational, achievable, and oriented towards improving the status of the organization. […]

Classical Management Function and Managerial Work

This part provides an introduction into Fayol‚Äôs classical management functions and sets the stage for the rest of the paper. Classical Management Functions Several decades ago, English speaking managers and academics were introduced directly to Henry Fayol‚Äôs ideas about managerial work. His article, General and Industrial Management, in which he outlined the key functions of […]

Great Wall Motors Company Limited Analysis

Executive Summary This report provides an analysis of Great Wall Motors Company Limited. The purpose of this report is to investigate the competitiveness of Great Wall Motors Company Limited in the automobile industry. This report explores the position of Great Wall Motors Company Limited by studying the external environment and internal environment of the organization. […]