Peer Review of Authorship Ethics

The author demonstrates a fair understanding of the ethical issues associated with assigning authorship to a manuscript or scientific report. The author shows that establishing authorship is through building significant contribution to an article (Handyman 2011). The author also indicates that all authors named in a publication should play a substantial role in all the […]

Effective Strategies to Increase Student Learning

Introduction The study will examine whether prolonged time in school will help in improving student learning and academic performance in schools. Significant evidence shows that extension of school time has considerable impacts on student learning, thus it is an effective strategy of improving academic performance in schools. Since academic performance of students has been dwindling […]

Law: Civil Procedure Hypos

Hypo 6.1 Plaintiff Maria filed a suit against Judy under Virginia wrongful death statute. The plaintiff accused the defendant of submitting a statement to a local gang insincerely accusing Maria’s son, Ed, for stealing some of the gang’s property. It was clear that the gang would react by assassinating Ed, and this came to a […]

Healthcare Financing

Many governments today have made it their duty to put in place mechanisms that would ensure their citizenry is provided with an effective and affordable healthcare service. Healthcare is an expensive undertaking that needs proper financial planning. However, the sector, as the paper reveals, encounters a terrific deal of issues, which include staff and physician […]

African-American Studies in the Movie “Defiant Ones”

Introduction The interracial bonding that takes place in the film testifies to the cultural and social discourses encountered by the two males. It challenges notions of race because these two individuals eventually surpass their biases in order to achieve a common goal. More importantly, the bonding between the two individuals renegotiates the role of the […]

Understanding How the Medical and Social Model of Disability Supports People With Disability

Introduction Disability is a term that is used to described people who are not able to independently live, achieve their livelihood, attain mobility, speak, learn, take care of themselves among other problems. Most of these are developmental problems and others can occur as a result of accidents. Other disabilities are congenital, that is, a disability […]

Traumatic Brain Injury

A description and criteria for Traumatic Brain Injury using DSM-IV-TR According to the Center for Disease Control, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when an individual sustains a jolt to his head or a piercing head damage that interrupts the functions of human brain. The degree of TBI varies from mild to traumatic. Mild TBI […]

Beating ADHD Naturally

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disease which is characterized by such symptoms as inattentiveness, daydreaming, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, inability to focus on the same thing for a long time, and impatience (NIMH, 2010, unpaged). The key peculiarity of ADHD is that a patient displays several of these symptoms, and they are observed quite […]

Counselling Theory of Freudian Psychoanalysis

This paper reflects upon how I believe the application of psychoanalysis can become an integral part of Christian counseling. The foremost idea that is being explored throughout the paper is that, even though the theory of psychoanalysis appears to contradict a number of Biblical conventions; it nevertheless correlates with the overall spirit of Christianity, as […]

NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief

Legal Encounter 1 There are various legal issues surrounding NewCorp’s decision to dismiss Pat without any reasons. In particular, the company is at liberty to terminate any contract based on the behavior of the employees which it deems unacceptable. This implies that a company may dismiss any employee for no reason at all. Nonetheless, Cheeseman […]

Law: Intellectual Property Rights

Pharmaceutical industries use intellectual property rights to ensure that they protect their products against counterfeits and recover the inputs that they incurred in the research stages. Precisely, these industries use the industrial property (IP) rights, a category of intellectual property rights, to meet their demands. The managers, in these industries, should recognize the industrial dynamism. […]

Organizational Change

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of organizational change in a brick-and-mortar and virtual organization. It has been brought forth that change is the only constant thing on earth; for that matter in the world of business, organizations that do not change will be forced out of business since they will loss competitive advantage […]

Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

Introduction In keeping with the company’s philosophy and tradition of working with culturally diverse teams, managers are required to posses the knowledge of how to effectively handle these teams for optimal performance and productivity. Any manager leading culturally diverse teams must clearly take into account the members’ cultural disposition in order to establish an effective […]

Cascading Style Sheet Design

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) has been significant in styling Web text. However, CSS is now crucial in “positioning and styling content at all levels related to local, global, or in-line” (Eccher, 2011). Effective application of the CSS design can ensure that a single CSS document can control all styles of the entire Web site. CSS […]

Borouge Petrochemical Company Strategic Management

Introduction Change is a widespread feature in life of organizations and the capability to handle such changes is the core competence of success in organizations (Senge et al., 2004, p. 4). The main drivers of organizational changes over the last two decades have been globalization, advancement in technology and fluctuation in global economy. This has […]

Multicultural Teams and Their Leadership

Introduction As a result of globalization, many organizations are employing people from different countries in order to pool resources and boost their operational efficiency. However, documented literature indicates that having a culturally diverse team presents numerous challenges based on language differences, communication issues, different working techniques and conflict resolution mechanisms (Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003). If […]

Economic Factors on the Stock Market

Introduction Different nations have different economic policies that guide investments in stock markets. Consequently, decisions to invest in the international equities will mean subjection into differing sets of polices opposed to the prevailing domestic conditions. The dilemma on the differences between the impacts of the factors affecting domestic equity returns and international equity returns has […]

Medicine Issues: Epidemiology Study Designs

Choosing the most appropriate study design is a fundamental step in an epidemiological study (Aschengrau and Seage, 2008). According to Aschengrau and Seage (2008), epidemiologists use different epidemiological study designs to answer research questions. This paper highlights epidemiological study designs most commonly used during epidemiological research. Experimental studies According to Aschengrau and Seage (2008), investigators […]

Property Management Systems (Hospitality Industry)

Introduction Property Management Systems (PMSs) are essential tools in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry is complex and has numerous challenges. Reservations, customer care and administration of hotels and resorts offer challenges that the management must confront in order to attain customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability of the establishments (O’Connor, 2004). For this reason, PMSs are […]

Virtual vs. Traditional Tour Operator

Introduction Virtual tour operators offer online tourism services while traditional tour operators use other mode of services but not online services. Lastminute.Com is one of the leading online tourism operators offering variety of online travel services. The company headquarter is located in London and it is currently performing well in the London stock exchange. The […]

Boeing’s e-Enabled Advantage

Understanding of the case An evaluative look at the author’s write-up regarding the case study (Boeing’s e-Enabled Advantage) shows that the author demonstrates a good understanding of the case. Here, it is worth noting that the author reviews the case relative to the company’s background, market situation, changes in leadership/management strategies, and new innovations/opportunities in […]

Corona Beer Company

Trends in the global market beer The global market trends has faced substantial changes over the past three decades with giants like Heineken being edged out by upcoming new brands such as Corona Extra from Grupo Modelo. The two key strategies that clearly alter global beer market are strategic alliances with strategic partners and global […]

Formative and Summative Roles

Formative and Summative Techniques to Be Applied In the selection of a viable method for assessment, and the feedback that will be given thereof, the formative and summative roles will apply the increasingly popular computer-based test known as cloud computing. Generally speaking, cloud computing simply refers to a service mostly conducted over the internet with […]

Ethical Issues in Online Learning

Online education is a common form of learning today. Learners are now benefitting from online learning process without having to go to school. Online learning has been promoted by modern technologies. These technologies include computers, smart phones and the internet. However, this promising innovation has its own set of challenges. The issue of identity is […]

Marketing Mix Strategy

Introduction Marketing mix refers to a combination of product/services, price, place, and distribution. A marketing manager of Campos Coffee can have control of these four factors subject to external and internal environment factors. Campos Coffee has to make decisions regarding its products and services (Antony 2008, p. 58). Products/Services Products refer to anything tangible or […]

How Does the Leadership Style Adopted by the Franchisor Affect the Behavior of the Franchisee?

Abstract Franchising is regarded as one of the easiest forms of business deals that an entrepreneur can take advantage of. The requirements of such a venture are not very straining provided one secures a franchisor. A franchisor is an organization that lets another business entity utilize its intellectual property and transact on its behalf. The […]

Maybelline Company Analysis

Strengths key to Maybelline’s past successes Many factors contributed to Maybelline’s past successes; among these factors was the acquisition of the company by L’Oreal and the subsequent entry into the international market. This gave Maybelline a global brand, therefore, increasing its sales through entering new markets. Maybelline was able to gain a competitive advantage over […]

Education Studies: Research Design

Introduction Most people assume that their own views of the world are logically consistent. In this regard, human aspirations create a mutual cooperation between scientific and worldview theories. Towards this, subjectivists’ perspective of the reality focuses on the significance of understanding the process through which people fix their relationship to the world. The research strategies […]

Criminology: What is the Solution to the Prison Problem?

Introduction The work of Angela Davis in her book, “Are Prisons Obsolete?”, introduces readers to the current state of the U.S. system of imprisonment and rehabilitation. She reveals the correlation between corporate interests, racial profiling, current laws and how such factors have contributed to the growing population of inmates within U.S. penitentiaries. Her book reveals […]

Forensic Psychology

Introduction Forensic psychology is the incorporation of psychological techniques into the criminal justice process or system. It differs with forensic science in that forensic psychologists concentrate or focuses on the application of psychological perspectives to criminal justice system (Forensic psychology, n.d.). They often come across legal issues which includes competency, public policies, newly created laws […]

Potential Reduction in Irrigation Water Through the Use of Water-Absorbent Polymers in Agriculture in UAE

Introduction Water is a very essential element in life. Several challenges can lead to water scarcity. Rainfall cannot be fully relied on as the main source of water. Due to the challenges posed by water scarcity, new innovations continue to be made as means of combating water scarcity in many regions of the world. Super […]