Proctor & Gamble Company

1. Scope of the Report. This report is designed to address the economic, political, social and environmental opportunities and risks facing Proctor and Gamble Company in the next ten years. 2. Executive Summary. Several decades ago, organizations have been exposed to limited regulations and existed in less competitive environments. As a result, several companies may […]

Industry Analysis

The evolution of motor industry has progressed for decades from innovative individuals to corporate organizations witnessed today. This has contributed to the establishment of material handling industries around the world. Some of these material handling sectors are involved in manufacturing equipments and machines for use in mining, power generation, construction, and transport industry. However, the […]

Strategic Management – Apple Company

Introduction In every organization, there is need to have an effective strategic management plan. In the contemporary world, the need for an effective strategic management plan has significantly increased due to the increased level of competition in the market. The contemporary business world has been characterized with a very high level of competition, a fact […]

Culture and Organisation – Pixar

Introduction This is a report generated after a careful study on culture within the Pixar organisation. Accordingly, the reporter found out that culture stood out as the most vital element in any organisation that had to be addressed effectively in order to come up with a very efficient organisation. Nevertheless, the term culture is at […]

Business Case for Sustainable Development

Market It is the utility rather than worshipping the market that provides the best approach for achieving desirable social goals, as well as for enhancing dynamism of the economy. Open, competitive, and rightfully owned international markets that function in accordance to legitimate comparative advantages are the ones that enhance sustainable development. Both efficiency and innovation […]

Management and Leadership Across Culture

Introduction Following previous successful business endeavors, Disney Land ambitiously set to establish its business operations in various parts of the world. These establishments were in Japan, France, and Hong Kong, among many other destinations. Disney’s executives counted success upon success when they successfully established their business operations in Japan before moving on to France in […]