Production management: quality management systems. Case study of IDT Australia limited.

Introduction Historically, manufacturing management concept was coined by Adam Smith in eighteenth century in his contribution to specialization of labor in manufacturing. Adam Smith indicated that industrial jobs can be broken into smaller jobs and laborers were recommended to specialize in areas that they deem perfect, skilled and efficient (Anon, 1998). Accordingly, Fredrick Taylor coined […]

To what extent are new technologies and organized crime linked?

Information technologies and organized crime The criminal justice system continues to be besieged as the society is questioning the ultimate solution to the increased crime rates in the world today. Despite the fact that, prisons have been overcrowded with criminal of all categories, the crime rates have seemed to be also on the increase (Navarro, […]

OPTUS on Facebook

1. Introduction Communication is extremely vital in information dissemination and thus many companies rely heavily on it for clientele outreach (Fielding, 2006). The quest for efficiency, therefore, becomes a major concern for many businesses when choosing the right forms of communication in order to maximize effectiveness and wider market reach. This dictates the need for […]

Organization Theory

Executive Summary Common Wealth Bank of Australia is a leading bank in Australia which also provides financial services in the US, UK, Asia and Far East. The paper tackles organization theory through analyzing the different aspects of the bank. The introduction is an overview on the different perspectives of organization theory that includes somewhat comprehensive […]

Business Communication; Qantas Airline

Executive summary This report entails an analysis of market communication within organizations. To provide a real life situation, the report entails an analysis of how market communication that has been integrated by Qantas Airline. The report gives the background information on the concept of market communication within organizations. The report also illustrates the various market […]

International Business – Superdry in India and China

Introduction Super Group Plc is a UK based retailing firm constituting of three brands; Superdry, 77 Breed and Surf Co California. The Super Group apparel takes its inspiration from the Japanese culture of designs and vintage American for its styling and thus provides a very unique manufacture that is targeted to wide demographics. The company […]