Emergency help and human services

1.0 Executive Summary This report clearly explains two great organizations in depth. The organizations are Australian Red Cross and Australian Salvation Army. The former provides emergency services while the latter deals in human services. These are not for profit organizations and yet providing services that are not only critical, but also beneficial and relevant to […]

The role of the line manager in managing under-performance

According to Swamson, 2009, human resources are the most precious factor of production that an organization has; to benefit from their intellectualism, an organization need to manage them effectively. Human resources department has the role of ensuring the right number of staffs in terms of quality, quantity, and experience are maintained within an organization. to […]

Mezirow’s theory

1. Major assumptions of Mezirow’s theory For a transformation to occur, one must have plenty of information about the old worldview as well as the new one. It is quite difficult to change how one conceptualizes issues if one does not have a firm grasp on the alternatives that are prevalent out there. Therefore, a […]

Design icons

Abstract The concept of design has evolved along the same lines as human civilization. Perhaps this is the paramount aspect that has contributed to the evolution of design both as utilitarian and functional concept. Equally, the very dynamics of design is thus correlated to environment this is testified by the diverse artistic designs that have […]

Performance-Based Pay for Executives

Introduction Background The contemporary reward system for top management is mostly performance based, also known as pay for performance. The idea behind this reward system is that through the recognition of performance by the executives, their interest merges those of the shareholders of the company hence bridging the principal-agent gap. This reward system is American-based […]