New public management can be considered to be both a panacea and a plague to public administration.

Introduction The desire to continuously improve service delivery to citizens is a challenge faced by most governments across the globe. Governments are put to power by citizens through a democratic process with the hope that it will implement better governing policies that will benefit all and sundry. Effective and efficient modes of implementing such policies […]

Total quality management: A Path to Sustainable Growth and Improvement

Executive Summary Starting and maintaining any business venture is a process that requires determination motivation and general know-how in regards to how to operate a business and ensure that it remains profitable despite the various challenges and risks that may be available in the business environment one wants to venture in. As such, there are […]

Marketing Plan of FORD MOTOR

1. Executive Summary The main objective of this assessment is to accomplish a detailed marketing plan of the Ford Motor Company within the perspective of the international automotive industry. In doing so, the paper would focus on epitomizing an appropriate company profile of Ford Motor, considering the financial overview of the company, formulating a SWOT […]

The Economic Impact of the Icelandic Volcano Eruptions on the International Economy

Introduction It is impossible to imagine a natural catastrophe which does not influence the international economy. Paying attention to the Icelandic volcano eruptions and especially the most recent one which took place on April 14, 2010, it is possible to say that Eyjafjallajokull volcano has affected the international economy greatly. Therefore, it is impossible to […]

Incident Command System on Katrina Disaster

Source and Background of the problem The occurrence of hurricane Katrina came one year after the Department of Homeland Defense (DHS) had already created an emergency response plan following a series of national disasters that had caused havoc in United States. For instance, one unfortunate incidence that left the country in a state of desperation […]

Space Tourism

Introduction Space tourism is a new concept and is defined as traveling to space by human being for adventure and new experience. Recently, the venture of space tourism has become a very popular venture among the elite people in the society. Despite the fact that this form of tourism is expensive, there is a large […]