A Review of “Education and learning for the elderly: why, how, what”, by G.M Boulton-Lewis

Introduction Boulton-Lewis in this article presents a case for the importance of availing education opportunities for the elderly members of society. The author has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on the subject of aging and learning, both by himself and with other experts on the subject. In this article, he argues that, since the population of […]

Boxing vs. MMA

Introduction For more than a hundred years, boxing as a game has significantly evolved to become one of the most popular sporting activities in the world. This evolution has seen a wide range of personalities join it resulting into a massive support from all parts of the world. Boxing has given birth to heroes who […]

Reading between the Lines: In Search for Fallacies

One of the most topical issues in the sphere of literature, the problem of fallacies will always remain on the agenda. Sometimes it seems that conveying the idea of the story without distorting it or suggesting a slightest deviation from the topic is completely impossible. Analyzing the text “Help Those Who Help, Not Hurt, Themselves”, […]

eBay – The world’s largest e-business

How have the characteristics of digital media supported eBay’s growth? Digital media has been behind the success of e-bay and this is based on various characteristics. Crucial innovations have made it easy for buyers and sellers to interact without any problem. The model that was developed by the company gave people a low cost opportunity […]

How Ethnicity Affects Normal and Abnormal Behavior

Diverse ethnic roots have been known to bear a central role in determining individual and collective behavior. This follows from the fact that, human behavior though inherently rooted in ones personality, is also a product of the environment in which one is brought up (Logan, 2010, p.1). Geographic location, ethnic believes, ethnic traditions, and ethnic […]