Operations Management

Operation management is a key area of management in any successful organization. The management ensures business operations use the available resources in an organization effectively to meet dynamic consumer needs (Lewis, & Slack, 2003, p.11). Nike, a market leader in the sports shoes and apparel has a commanding thirty two percent of the global market […]

Organizational Behavior

Employee diversity at the workplace is seen in terms of religion, race, gender, as well as age. Employee motivation is a key factor towards the success of any organization. Employees, with time age, and as such experience different changes in their adult life which alters the way in which they view life. The effects of […]

Business Ethics

Introduction The major explanation for humankind having continued to exist for so long is due to certain, conventions, standards, mores and principles, which all of us live by. One needs to take a minute to see in their mind’s eye what would take place if out of the blue humanity was left minus any sense […]

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) and the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Land

Introduction Embracing development and preserving cultural and the environmental value of land are two difficult things to achieve concurrently. Most of the times land development leads to disruption of the environment and any historical or cultural value thereof. The case of the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal people and the Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) is an excellent case […]

The Constitution in Public Administration: A Report on Education

The American constitution is supreme to other laws in the country; with this notion, public administration must follow the demand of the constitution. The constitution should be the overall law that governs issues and management of public institutions; in some instances, the constitution may have some bureaucracy that hinders efficiency among public administrators however it […]

Learning team charter

Communication is a very essential tool in all kinds of business to facilitate passage of information between managers and employees. The learning team charter is significant in group work not only in business organizations but also in learning institutions and it therefore emphasizes on the importance of effective communication during team work. In order to […]