International Marketing Assessment

Introduction Toyota is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. The multinational employed over 315,000 workers in 2012 to make it the largest automobile manufacturer. Having being founded in August 28 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation has grown to include a group of companies including Daihatsu, Lexus, Hino Motors, Scion brand and Toyota (Toyota […]

The Impact of School Governance on School Leadership Term Paper

Introduction School leadership is now a priority issue in all schools around the world. As focus shifts on schooling and school results, leadership is now a mandatory issue of concern not only in Australian schools, but in all schools around the world (Pont, Nusche & Moorman, 2008). Nevertheless, school leadership is influenced by the various […]

PESTLE analysis of the China Hotel Industry Essay

A PESTLE analysis is an in depth assessment of the different factors that directly or indirectly affect the operations of a given industry and are usually external meaning that they are out of the corporations control. Furthermore, these factors are analyzed either as threats or opportunities. Generally, there are variations of this kind of analysis […]

The relationship between employees’ job satisfaction and customer satisfaction in service business Proposal

Abstract This study is conducted within the bank of America and is aimed at showing the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in the banking industry. The study is necessitated by the realization that customer satisfaction is determined by the perceptions the customers have on the nature and the quality of services offered. Since […]