Analysis of a company 3M Canada

Executive summary 3M Company is located in Canada and sells a variety of industrial products such as adhesive, tapes and plants’ maintenance appliances. The company initially served OEM customers, who bought the company’s products with the purpose of reselling them to the end users. The company decided to change its customers in the year 2006.Consistent […]

Workplace Surveillance

Abstract In the last two decades, employers have used workplace surveillance to monitor their employees. The methodology employed in the study of the perspectives of various stakeholders in the labor industry involved a review of secondary sources of data. The labor process theory was used to analyze the stakeholders’ perspectives. The findings indicates that controlling […]

Video and Audio Interviews vs. Personal Interviews

Introduction Over time Interviews have grown in popularity. Interviews have found a lot of application other than in the traditional recruitment process. In the modern world interviews have a wider acceptance and application as they are deemed to generate valid and reliable information. Initially interviews were seen as only relevant for job related purposes, but […]

Business plan: introduction of RFID technology in Knowledge Vault Library

Executive Summary Knowledge Vault Library is a reputed name in the library services industry, having being in operation for the past decade servicing over a million knowledge-thirsty visitors. The pursuit of knowledge has become a part of today’s society since the society is rapidly changing and individuals are undertaking rigorous reading so as to remain […]