Role of Central Bank

Different countries operate their own central bank that controls and monitors operations of commercial banks within their economy; central banks are the custodians of commercial bank. Other than being the sole printer of notes and coins currency of a nation, central banks provide their countries’ currencies with price stability by controlling inflation. To control and intervene in an […]

Do Antony and Cleopatra transcend the East-West divide in their relationship?

Introduction Antony and Cleopatra is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The content and the plot of the play show two people in love willing to sacrifice to be together despite great obstacles. It was written at the beginning of the 17th century and it is still remembered and liked by a significant number of people […]

Brain-based learning

Introduction Brain-based learning is a current teaching approach based on neuroscientists research that suggest that biologically driven framework for creating effective instruction should be adopted by teachers when giving instructions and teaching children. The approach acknowledges that at different development stages, children have certain brain power that can absorb certain issues. Depending with the age […]

Open Economy: International Trade and Finance

An open economy involves carrying out of economic, businesses and trade across the border. It means the opposite of closed economy in which international trade and business cannot take place. Exporting is a term used in international trade to refer to the act of selling goods and services t across border, while importing involves buying […]

Management Theories

Background Most management theories and literature tend to present managing as if it is a technical and rational activity. For example, management is presented as a discipline that involves the calm, careful and well considered tasks of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Such a view certainly helps us to understand some of the tasks managers […]


Introduction Throughout their lifetime, business entities are considerably pressured to raise their performance levels and productivity. This is evident in today’s businesses which are characterized by aggression and excessive competition. These situations forces businesses to exhibit innovation and improve their performance in a bid to ensure their survival in an unforgiving business environment. To this […]