China’s Investment Environment

Introduction Over the past century, the human race has dedicated a vast proportion of the available resources to the efforts of self-actualization in terms of development politically, socially, economically and technologically. To provide a means for measuring the progress made, means have been developed through which progress in these sectors can be analyzed and monitored […]

Australian Gender Pay Inequalities

Introduction Gender pay equity calculates the average wage of women earnings by determining the percentage of females pay in relation to male earnings. Whether a man is paid hourly, earns after a week, full time employment, or any other sort of employment, gender pay equity states that a woman should get an equal rate as […]

Richard Sennett’s account of the ‘new capitalism’ in relation to current organizations

There have been many economic systems in the history of the world, all formed out of various ideologies but the most prevalent one has been capitalism. Capitalism is a system whereby the means of production are in the hands of private owners and its main aim is making profits and more profits. Supply, demand, price, […]

Employment Relations

Employment relations can be defined as the existing affiliation between an employee and his employer or between employees. This is a relationship that is categorically witnessed in all organizations despite their levels or mode of operations. It is however a challenge to always uphold good employment relations between people in an organization because disagreements are […]

Genetically modified foods projects

Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods produced through modification of various genetic make-ups, using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques involve selective breeding and creating somaclonal variation. GM foods have been in the market from the early 90’s but have gained more popularity in the past decade. However since its inception, this technology has been faced […]

Adam Smith And The Invisible Hand

Introduction Adam Smith, a Scottish philosopher and a moralist had a big impact on modern economics and concepts of individual freedom. He advanced various theories such as the moral sentiment theory which primarily entails the ethical conduct linking societies. In his book ‘An inquiry into the nature and causes of Wealth of Nations’ Adam Smith […]