Promoting Diversity through Professional Development and Education

The Case Study a) Considerations Mr. Weston should consider the social interaction ability of Alana because she exhibits aloofness and becomes aggressive easily. Examining the cause of the withdrawnness and aggressiveness that Alana exhibits is critical as it helps Mr. Weston to understand her condition. Social interaction has significant benefits to children because it does […]

Mobile Banking Innovation

Introduction Various innovations are being attained in different fields. Innovation refers to the process of coming up with new ideas or changes that are able to shift or alter the way things are done. In business terms, it is the process of “developing a new customer value by coming up with amicable solutions that are […]

Berlin Wall

Introduction The post Second World War was characterized by many political challenges in Europe. In Germany, the government struggled to consolidate its political power through various mechanisms. In August 1961, “a fence was erected by the German Democratic Republic that is popularly referred to as East Germany” (Rose & Bailey 2004, p.34). The wall demarcated […]

Social Networks Are no More Just Fun

Introduction When speaking of social network sites (SNSs) people focus on communication, sharing files and making friends. These were primary goals of the first SNSs. These were major goals of such famous SNSs as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. However, many people have found different facets of the phenomenon called social network sites. SNSs are now […]

The Emergence of a Law of Slavery in Mississippi

Tushnet, Mark V. The American Law of Slavery 1810-1860 Considerations of Humanity and Interest, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1981. Print. Mark Tushnet has conducted a thorough and has presented it in a book The American Law of Slavery 1810-1860 Considerations of Humanity and Interest. This book presents a thorough analysis of different cases where […]

Challenges Faced by Immigrants

Introduction An immigrant is a person who possesses the nationality in one nation, but gets into another country, to obtain an undeviating habitation. A person qualifies as an immigrant only if they had been citizens in one nation, but chose to move to another country to live there forever. This arises from different reasons. This […]