Analysis of Advertisements in Magazines

Introduction Advertisement forms have changed over the years with each period suited to fit the target audience. Technological developments in print have improved the quality of magazine advertisements and increased target audience market coverage. Although technological improvements with online versions of magazines have improved, the print version has maintained a significant market share and demand. […]

Lifelong Learning

Introduction Lifelong learning may be advocated as a response to economic and technological change in relation to education workplace and the notions of advanced liberalism and a teacher as an accountable professional in an education ‘market place’, it is necessary to define a number of key terms in the essay which have relation to lifelong […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Presentation Aids in Group Presentations

Introduction Presentations are an integral part of communicating in a group setting. In making presentations, the use of presentation aids has been seen to contribute to the effectiveness of the presentation process. Owing to their great success in enhancing the presentation efforts, presentation aids have become so prevalent that sometimes they are seen to be […]

The Civil War Dilemmas: Slave-Owner Relations

In the middle of the 1800s, slavery and interpersonal relations between people with different social conditions were considered to be one of the most burning issues for consideration. Different families introduced absolutely different attitudes to the idea of slavery and owner-slave relations. The vast majority of rich people did not find it necessary to respect […]

The Impact Of Racial Thought On The Aboriginal People In Relation To Australian History

Introduction From as early as the early 18th century to date, Australia has had to deal with numerous cases of racism especially with regards to the aboriginal people. What once started as a simple way to describe the rather “absurd” behavior of the aboriginal people has radically evolved into a monster that constantly preys on […]

The Experience of War by Women

Introduction The valley of the shadow depicts two communities during the American civil war of 1860-1865 with one community northern and the other southern specifically the Franklin County in Pennsylvania and Augusta county of Virginia. The period of war had great impact on women varying from their work, social status, age, race and family. The […]